Fortnite Skin

The Power Chord Skin is Back in the Item Shop

First seen in March of this year, the skin is back. There were rumors of its return as the Fortnite team hinted on their twitter. In a tweet, they posted only a lightning bolt, a guitar, and the caption “tonight.”

Well, tonight has reared its bountiful head and Fortnite players can now grab the Fornite Power Chord SkinPower Chord Skin. The news was confirmed by Epic Games shortly thereafter. In a twitter post, they said,

Did someone say encore? The Power Chord Outfit and Volume 11 gear is available now.”

The Power Chord outfit is apart of 5 cosmetic items in the Volume 11 set. Players can now buy the Rock Out emote and the Six String back bling item. Additionally, the Anarchy Axe set and the Stage Dive glider skin. All of these will accompany the Power Chord Skin in their encore at the item shop.

The Skin Design

The outfit is female-only. It is inspired by punk rockers and features the apparel seen in the scene. The outfit features a black short shirt. Naturally, the shirt is worn, torn, and ragged. The player will also be adorned with purple pants. Completing the body is a white net body mesh.

Embracing the world of dyed hair, the player will also slaughter indiscriminately with a stylish pink hairdo. This begs the question, however. What is the utility of a spiked headband in battle? It is doubtful the head-artillery will be purely cosmetic. Perhaps it is a secret caltrop. Furthermore, the Power Chord Back Bling is a pink six-string rock guitar. Because nothing says secrecy like the vibrant colors of a meadow.

How to Acquire

Now that it is in rotation, this legendary skin will appear in the Featured area. It will cost the player 2.000 V-Bucks.