On Your Marks

Every single time a new raid is released on Mythic difficulty in World of Warcraft, some of the most ambitious guilds in the world compete over who will complete it first. The Mythic difficulty for Battle of Dazar’alor was officially opened to gamers this morning. The competition to complete it is already fierce. Ten guilds are currently in the running for completion of the raid, and five of them have already beaten the first three bosses. With 9 bosses in total, it is looking like this race will be over sooner than later.

Get Set

If you are one who is interested in keeping track with the various guilds’ progression in this raid, then you can do so through using data powered by This database has the current progression for all the lead guilds that are presently in the instance. The guilds’ Twitch pages are linked here as well. There is even a counter that counts down the time when the instance will be available to other regions. You can keep this on your browser wherever you are to check on the status of your favorite guild.

And Go!

The screen shot I took was taken at noon on 1/29/19. At this time, the top three US guilds competing for the Mythic crown are Big Dumb Guild, Limit, and Wildcard Gaming. At this point it could be anybody’s race, especially when Europe and Asia unlock within the next day. It is time to place your bets! These guilds mean business! They will not rest until they become the fist in the world to complete the Battle of Dazar’alor on Mythic. Who do you think it will be?