Frank Castle, Marvel’s Punisher, has had a rough couple of years.  He has been duped by the corrupted Captain America into assisting Hydra, Nick Fury used him and the War Machine armor to stop former S.H.I.E.L.D. agents from helping a dictator, and moreover, he used that armor to depose the dictator and fought a number of Avengers and other heroes.

The War Machine is gone.  However, according to Marvel’s solicits for their anti-hero’s new series, The Punisher is widening his focus.  Frank Castle has a new set of targets behind the street level pushers and mafia bosses.  He is going after the new Hydra and it’s leader, Captain America foe Baron Zemo.  Frank is holding a grudge from the Secret Empire and after taking on a country, he feels ready to go a lot further.

Additionally, Frank is going to have to deal with a classic Marvel super villain.

From the Marvel Wikia Page

Series writer, Matthew Rosenberg, reveals in his interview, “He doesn’t feel guilty for following Captain America to Hydra. I’m not sure guilt is something he really feels ever beyond not saving his family. But he does want to set things right. And that means he has big plans and big targets. And this time he’s going after some of the biggest. His list has two names on it that folks might be excited about: Baron Zemo and the Mandarin. Legitimate Super Villains with whole armies behind them. And Frank isn’t stopping until they are in the ground or he is.

“Frank’s coming war with Zemo and Mandarin is going to be unlike anything Punisher fans have seen before. And it’s going to get ugly real fast,”

The Mandarin

The Mandarin’s first appears us in Tales of Suspense #50 and is created by Stan Lee and designed by Don Heck and he often appears as an egocentric maniac and gets his powers from ten rings he salvaged from the engine of an alien spacecraft. The rings are technology from the alien Makluan race and have the soul legendary cosmic warrior and an artificial intelligence in each one.

The Punisher #1 is on sale August 22.

Punisher #1 (2018 – Marvel Comics