Marvel Studios Endgame Avengers
Soon... this era will end...


Fans are speculating about the next non-Avengers team movie in the MCU.  Personally, I think the speculation is wrong.


If you are a Marvel Comics fan, you know that one Marvel hero technically debuted in Captain Marvel as a child, Monica Rambeau played by Akira Akbar.  Although the movies tell stories differently than the comics, Monica is expected to become Spectrum.  Spectrum is a hero that can change into most, if not all, types of energy.  With Marvel/Disney’s love of diverse characters, it is likely Monica will become Spectrum in the next phase of Marvel films.

Spectrum Marvel Comics Akira Akbar
Spectrum and Akira Akbar

Meanwhile, Monica’s debut has fans already talking about one team she has led in the comics.  You would think this is the Avengers, however, comic fans are excited for the NextWave.


NextWave Marvel Comics
The NextWave: Agents of H.A.T.E. – The Captain, Boom Boom, Spectrum, Machine Man, and Elsa Bloodstone

The NextWave roster has five heroes, Spectrum, the Captain,  Boom Boom, hard Machine Man, and Elsa Bloodstone,   It is a small team, however, I doubt Marvel Studios is going in this direction.  The largest problem is that you have four heroes who have not been seen in the films.  Meanwhile, Boom Boom is a former New Mutant and X-Man.  Mutants are only just being talked about behind the scenes now that Disney owns the movie rights to the X-Men again.  Moreover, the Captain is a foul-mouthed character that has been thrown in a dumpster by Captain America.  The Captain is very against-the-grain for Disney’s family-friendly Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Although, I think there is another team that already has most of its cast established in the MCU.  It is very different from the current team-ups and has the kind of diversity Disney likes to exploit.  I give you…


Ultimates 2015 Marvel Comics
The Ultimates (2015); Black Panther, Spectrum, the Blue Marvel, Ms. America, and Captain Marvel

This is not the alternative-universe Avengers.  This is the cosmic-level Ultimates team Marvel debuted in 2015.  It has two active heroes already in the MCU in Captain Marvel and the Black Panther.  If Spectrum becomes her heroic self (and I think she will), she will be the third of five characters of the full roster in the MCU.

The first of the unseen characters is Ms. America, America Chavez.  She is super strong, durable, and flies.  Moreover, she can literally punch her way through dimensions through star-shaped portals.  She is hot-headed, although compassionate.

The other new character is the Blue Marvel, Adam Brashear.  He has a much more tumultuous history.  He was a hero in the 1960’s who wore a mask because of his African American heritage.  The American government asked him to retire to not inflame racial tensions during the Civil Rights Era.  He is a living anti-matter reactor, strong, flies, durable, fires energy blasts, and a scientist that Mr. Fantastic will often consult.

This team handles cosmic-level problems, making their adventures very different than the current MCU films.  Moreover, it would take a lot less work to put this team together than the NextWave.

What do you think?  Would you like to see an Ultimates movie?