The Current Meta

The meta in Overwatch changes as often as the seasons, at least it seems to. From Beyblade and Quad Tank to Pirate Ship and Dive, players have seen it be all over the past few years. Currently, the meta of choice is GOATS, which consists of three tanks and three supports. While not as flashy as previous team compositions, GOATS has been taking the Overwatch League by storm. Fortunately, we have a new contender for the current meta, though it may be even more infuriating. Meet the Bunker composition.

What is Bunker Comp?

Bunker comp is essentially the defensive version of Pirate Ship. A team with a Bastion and Orisa set up in a position that has a line of sight on the primary choke point and can easily rotate to the point if necessary. While this composition was developed a while ago, it was only recently revived with the addition of Baptiste.

Bunker comp requires a lot of healing. If the Bastion falls, the team loses its primary damage output. If the Orisa dies, they lose their shield, and the rest of the team will shortly follow, so everyone needs to keep their health relatively stable.

Baptiste makes this comp much easier. Not only does he provide decent AOE healing but he has the immortality field. If the shield drops before the Bastion can take down the attackers, Baptiste can throw his field, dubbed lamp by the players as a shorter callout, and keep the team from dying. Because Bunker requires the team to be grouped up, the lamp can keep crucial team members from dying during high damage ultimates.

Counters to Bunker Comp

It used to be that players would send a barrage of damage at the group hoping to kill the Bastion and the remaining team before he could tear through the attackers. This strategy is a lot less effective after the introduction of the immortality field. The field can keep teammates alive during ults like Junkrat’s tire or D.Va’s bomb.

Sombra is one of the best counters to the updated Bunker composition. A well-placed EMP in the middle of the grouped up defenders can result in an easy team kill. Snipers can also take advantage of the seconds the shield is down to land a well placed shot on the Bastion or Baptiste.

Sombra EMP Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Players are finally getting what they want, an end to GOATS meta, but at what cost? Some players are afraid that the resurgent of Bunker could result in a rock-paper-scissors standoff. Bunker beats GOATS, GOATS beats Dive, and Dive beats Bunker. If that’s the case, will we ever emerge from this loop, or are we destined to counter-meta for the rest of Overwatch’s existence? Who knows. I guess we’ll have to wait and see where we end up.