As always, the folks at Epic treat players with the best update features, especially for a free game. The biggest changes to this round of updates…Edible mushrooms and VEHICLES.

For the first time ever, Fortnite is getting a vehicle to make out-running your enemies, and the storm easier than ever. Their vehicle of choice, though, is a shopping cart. It has the ability for two players to ride in it at a time, and one player has the ability to shoot while in it.

Players can find these carts spread out all over the map, so there are plenty of shopping cart shenanigans to go around. We can already hear the sighs of relief as players find a shopping cart, when they find themselves short on time with a long distance to go.

Just below Lonely Lodge at the racetrack, players are sure to be able to snag themselves one of these carts. Fortnite shopping cart racing, anyone?

Just be mindful that fall damage is applicable when using the carts, so do not go barreling down the sides of mountains without a med kit!

There is also a new UI feature that allows you to track your challenges while in a match

Edible Mushrooms are also added with this update

Much like the apples that were added last patch, edible mushrooms will be scattered throughout the map in swampy and shady areas. Players will already recognize the mushrooms. Although not edible, they were already strewn carefully around the map. The mushrooms, unlike the apples, will give players +5 shield instead of health.

This update also adds 2 new game modes: Blitz and Teams of 20

Blitz is finally returning to Fortnite! Rejoice! The return of Blitz comes with a few, good changes. The spawn percentage of chests throughout the maps has been increased, thus increasing the amount of loot you can snag. Likewise, you get 50% more resources. Less time looting, more time shooting!

Also, the height of the party bus has been reduced; getting you to the fight even faster!

20v20v20v20v20 also makes its return with a couple improvements. Players will notice an increased rate for chest spawns and supply drops, which means there is plenty of loot to go around when playing in such large teams.

The patch also comes with a list of bug fixes, listed below

  • Shotgun fire adjusted to help alleviate situations where it would hit world objects instead of players
  • Opened treasure chests won’t appear unopened when viewed from a long distance
  • Players now face the correct direction when jumping from the Battle Bus
  • You can no longer head shot downed players through their bodies
  • Shots to the upper chest and neck won’t count as a head shot
  • Items that fall off the map won’t teleport to the nearest player anymore
  • Supply Drops no longer collide with items on the ground while landing
  • Visual effects no longer appear delayed after opening Supply Drops

For more information about the details of this update, check out the patch notes here on Epic’s website.

How do you feel about Fortnite adding vehicles to the game and which game mode are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments!