Mario of the Cosplay Wrestling Federation

This is the story of my entry into the world of professional wrestling.

Hi!  My name is Jeremy, and I would like to chat about part of my journey with you, and share how I became a wrestler.  I’ve always dreamt of entering the ring since well into my teens, and couldn’t find the time for in my twenties. So, I figured the time for such endevours had come to an end.

You’re might be curious and ask, “How did you begin wrestling now?”  Believe it or not, I wrestle (see what I did there?) with this question almost daily.


To begin, I can tell you that about five years ago I became involved in the Cosplay Wrestling Federation.  It was founded by two men I know as ‘G and Ken.’ The CWF is an improv show in which we take on the personas of anime characters, and pop culture icons to perform for audiences. The persona which delivers the best speech or improv wins.  In short, it’s a wrestling show without the hard knocks.

I started out portraying Luke Cage on the stage.  This was about 18 months before the Netflix series about the character debuted.  The character wasn’t relatable to the crowd, and I wasn’t getting the traction for which I hoped.  

After my second show, there was a group podcast with the entire cast, and G mentioned that he’d like to see more heels (or villains) in the roster.  So, this left me wandering, “Who will everyone recognize and respect, but which none like? Who is the lovable badboy?”

Ultimately, this led to the birth of the CWF version of Mario, a cross between the video game character, and the Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase.

Success wasn’t instant, though.  With the development and strategic events of the Mario character, I finally broke out, and gave a title-winning performance at Fanimania IV in 2017 during the Fanime convention.  


Not long after my win, I was contacted by a booking agent in the independent wrestling scene, Donovan Troi.  He and Supreme Pro Wrestling were holding a showcase at SacAnime during Labor Day weekend. After witnessing my performance, he wanted me to be a manager for one of their champions for the night.  I enjoy professional wrestling, so I was excited at the prospect.

One show led to two shows, and so on.  At both I’ve received moves from wrestlers, also known as “taking bumps.”  I thought this would be the limit of my foray into the business: making occasional appearances, and helping with a few behind-the-scenes items.

Credit to Heather Lee Art Photography and Supreme Pro Wrestling

So, in March of this year, I met Donovan for dinner after a Maverick Pro Wrestling show he performed in at Burbank, California.  While we ate, we talked about past shows, and the next SacAnime convention came up. At this point, he mused aloud that, “You have such heat with the crowd … -meaning that the crowd learned to seriously dislike my heel character- … we should take advantage of that.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.  “Are we building up to me getting beat up again?”

“No.”  Donovan exclaimed behind a wry smile.  “You should wrestle.”

I nearly spit out my salad.  “Me?!  Come on!”

“I’m serious!”  Of course, I didn’t think he was serious.  I thought he was trying to just get me worked up.  But, the longer he spoke, the less he joked. Moreover, I still think this idea took shape as we talked.

So, dinner concluded, and we said our goodbyes.  However, Donovan was certain within a weeks time he could get permission to have me take part in a tag team match at SacAnime Summer 2018.

It turned out he had permission within 24 hours.  Suddenly, I found out that I, a light cosplayer, and semi-professional hype-man and smack-talker, will debut in professional wrestling.

Over the next few weeks, I will tell you more about the events I will attend, setting the stage for my debut, and, finally, the training I will do in and out of the ring.  

So, get ready for Mario. He’s ready for you.

Credit: Heather Lee Art Photography and Supreme Pro Wrestling

Heather Lee Art Photography

Supreme Pro Wrestling