Sylvanas and Lich King

The Horde Reacts to Derek Proudmoore Being Raised as Undead

Not all is well within the Horde Leadership. In 8.1, Sylvanas pushes her Val’kyr to new ends. In Darkshore, she raises night elf sentinels to bolster her dark ranger ranks. She has also taken to raising blood elves. Moreover, Sylvanas used to raise only willing participants; now, she is occupied only with numbers, with cannon fodder.

Although, Derek Proudmore is more than cannon fodder. After the Kul Tiran hero is resurrected, tensions are high within the Horde. Some react selfishly, and look toward profit. Others are aghast at the disturbing mind games Sylvanas is playing.

Wanting Honor

Aside from Saurfang, Baine Bloodhoof is the most outspoken against Sylvanas. During the questline to hunt for Vol’jin’s spirit, Baine pleads with his friend and former warchief. The Tauren chieften finds Sylvanas’ lack of honor disturbing. He cannot understand why Vol’jin named her warchief.baine bloodhoof

Part of his disbelief comes from Sylvanas’ newest heinous deed: raising Derek Proudmoore to taunt the Kul Tirans. After the ritual, Baine is fuming.

Baine: Sylvanas!
Baine: What reason could you possibly have for this madness?!
Sylvanas: Derek Proudmoore was a hero to the Kul Tirans.
Sylvanas: And once his mind has been properly conditioned, we will allow the Proudmoores to recover their long-lost prince…
Baine: This is too far!
Sylvanas: They are sure to stage a rescue attempt when they learn of his fate.
Sylvanas: … so he can slaughter them in their sleep.
Baine: How many times must we forsake our honor?
Sylvanas: There can be only victory or death for us, Baine.
Sylvanas: And death is mine to master.

Baine leaves the argument discontent. He vents with the player afterward, “I cannot abide this, $n. Each time I think Sylvanas has gone too far, she finds a new line to cross. I have watched her commit one dishonorable act after another.
She desecrates more than the memory of a fallen enemy. She desecrates the Horde itself.
This cannot stand. Something must be done. And soon.”

Seeing Profit

The leader of the Goblins is in clear contrast with Bloodhoof. It is only fitting that, with a title such as ‘trade prince,’ Gallywix cares only of profit. Thus, when news of Derek Proudmoore’s resurrection reaches him, he is excited. He cannot stop talking about profit on his Azerite business.

“Ohhhhh, the Alliance is gonna be fumin’ over this one! They’re gonna come at us, guns blazin’. You know what that means, right?
It means my profit margins on Azerite armor plating are gonna go through the roof! I gotta double–no, triple–my mining operations! It’s a good thing I don’t pay my goons overtime. Or at all.
Now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta go see a warchief about supply and demand. Scram!”

Reminders of the Past

TalanjiMany leaders are horrified by Sylvanas’ actions because of their resemblance to past hurts. For instance, the princess of the Zandalari is reminded of Zul reanimating Rezan. Valtrois’ reaction is in light of the Legion invasion. The atrocities committed in Suramar are beginning to resemble the ones of the Horde.

“My father’s final act was to invoke de power of Bwonsamdi. De Zandalari are no strangers to calling upon de dead to serve us.
Yet de raising of Derek Proudmoore makes me uneasy. It reminds me of what Zul did to my beloved Rezan… a foul deed dat broke my heart.
De Alliance must be brought to justice for my father’s death. But we must not let rage blind us… or make us forget de honor dat makes de Zandalari great.”

Player: Valtrois, do you have any thoughts about Derek Proudmoore being returned?Valtrois
Valtrois: “I was skeptical of the Forsaken when I first joined the Horde, but was assured that they chose their state of undeath willingly. This, however…
The nightborne suffered greatly under the Legion’s heel. The atrocities I witnessed… it is distressing how much I am reminded of them now. I will leave it at that.”

The Master of Death Only

Sylvanas’ obsession with death has been growing since her own rebirth into undeath. In Cataclysm, we see the void left by the Lich King’s demise. She wants to master death, perhaps in part because of losing hers so tragically. Her grip on power is always tenuous. Though she may increase her armies with fresh bodies, her factitious actions seem only to make her weaker internally.

For every new soldier raised, an old soldier thinks of desertion. This begs the question: can the master of death master the living as well? Let us know whether Sylvanas can retain power over the Horde in the comments below!