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Cowboys and Gods.

With all the game awards given and the ceremony over, no one can deny that God of War and Red Dead Redemption 2 took home all the gold. God of War won both the 2018 Game of the Year award and the award for best game direction. Red Dead Redemption 2, meanwhile, took home the awards for best sound design and best narrative. Each game was well chosen with fans having voted for each category. The developers gave thanks to both their team members and members of the community as they accepted their well-earned awards.

The Expected and the Unexpected.

Between the multitude of awards being handed out. Several studios both big and small took to the stage to give the community a small glimpse at what they each have cooking up. The first of these new titles was the rumored Far Cry game, which will give its own take on the post-apocalyptic setting. Later down the road, Obsidian gave a small tease at its next project in the form of an adventure exploration title known as The Outer Worlds. With Studio Wildcard giving us a glimpse at a game similar to its own Ark: Survival Evolved. This time, however, you can be a pirate in their new game Atlas. And who doesn’t love pirates?

dragon age teaser clip

But the biggest reveals came from NetherRealm and Bioware, with NetherRealm giving us a gorgeous cinematic reveal trailer for Mortal Kombat 11. As for Bioware, a small teaser was given for a brand-new Dragon Age game. Over the course of the awards, many other developers came forward with wonderful new indie titles while other developers showed off DLC for existing games. In short, it was almost like a mini-E3.

Music to Remember.

Accompanying the ceremony was the inclusion of a full-blown orchestra. The awards began with the orchestra playing the brand-new theme for The Game Awards. This will most likely will be a staple in the future. There was also a performance honoring the game of the year nominees towards the end. More musical talent was included as well, including a performance of Devil Trigger from the upcoming Devil May Cry 5. Also included was a  performance of a musical piece from Bioware’s upcoming game Anthem. This year’s awards certainly booked exceptional musical performances which can only get better in the years to come.

Highlights of the Night.

One of the most memorable moments came from the voice talents of Kratos and Atreus as they announced Ninja as the streamer of the year. Let us just say that the audience gave a big round of applause. Speaking of Ninja, the most unexpected moment occurred when he and well-known Muppet Pepe somehow got into a debate on the correct pronunciation of Fortnite. Talk about bizarre and hilarious. In conclusion, this year’s Game Awards were certainly the most memorable by far. The selection of musical performances that knocked it out of the park. Most notably, several awards were given fairly to a group of hard-working studios. This annual event in gaming can be something that could go on forever.