Galaxy of Lemuria

In a World, Where Games Look Like Each Other…

I think that many of us often feel as if we are playing the same games over and over again. World of Warcraft has been accused of being a clone of Everquest. RTS games have the same “build and wait” formula as the rest. Even our beloved “battle royal” titles are being mass produced at a rate that would leave McDonald’s speechless. It is challenging to find a unique gaming experience in today’s market.

Despite this, there are always those titles that will pleasantly surprise us. The Galaxy of Lemuria may very well be one of those games. Being brought from the Chilean development group, Lemuria Game Studio, The Galaxy of Lumeria is an indie title that puts a unique spin on the genre in a way that only an indie game can.

It’s a big galaxy out there. Let us explore it together!

So features set this game apart from the pack. well, let’s have a look.

A Transcendental Story of Cards and Curses

The story of The Galaxy of Lemuria centers around mysterious cards that began to appear all over the world. When the first child found one of these cards, he was instantly teleported to the far-off reaches of space in an unknown galaxy. It was there that the young man would learn to survive and grow into a warrior. However, he was not with others joining him in this place. Others came across similar cards and were also teleported to the galaxy. Many of these players had to fight against each other. It is during this conflict of survival and supremacy that you arrive at the galaxy yourself.

This galaxy, however, is cursed. The energies within the galaxy have begun to wane, and as a result, the monsters continue to get more powerful and dangerous by each day. As the sun dims and darkness spreads across the planets, it is up to you to create your own energy source and survive that which lurks in the night.

Galaxy of Lemuria gameplay

Survival Meets MMORPG

The survival genre has been trendy as of late. Games like Dying Light and The Evil Within compel players to make wise decisions based on their surroundings and circumstances. Now, imagine if other players were also present in these situations. Would you be able to survive if you were not sure if you could trust the other person?

This question is at the center of the multiplayer game play of The Galaxy of Lemuria. Each player begins a game on a random planet. Other players may or may not inhabit these planets. The players can choose to work together to survive, build and flourish. If they want to, they can also cheat, manipulate and destroy. The progression of the game is mostly based on interactions between players, as opposed to other MMOs that are based on NPC and prefabricated game play.

Unfortunately, death will happen. When it does happen, the player will lose everything. The player will then return to their home hub. This is where the roguelike aspect of this game comes into play. Even though there is permadeath here, the player will eventually be able to use an enchantment that will allow for an item to become transcendental. This enchantment will allow a player to retain an item after they die. So, instead of starting from square one, like in most rogue like titles, players in The Galaxy of Lemuria will be able to progress forward with some advantages to give them an edge.

It’s All In the Cards

One of the driving features of this game is the card system. Card games are prevalent in today’s gaming market, so The Galaxy of Lemuria puts there own little spin on the card concept. Each time a player begins a game they will start with a deck of cards, and each card is an ability. The more powerful the cards, the more likely the character is to survive the trails that they will face in the cursed galaxy.

These cards, much like actual playing cards, can be traded with other players and even destroyed if they are not useful. Careful though, once a card is gone, it may be quite some time before it is found again.

Planet Exploration

This next feature of the game is somewhat difficult to describe; it is better to see it on the trailer. The action of the game takes place on various procedurally generated small planets that can be scoured for their resources. Far off, these planets are simple spheres, but as the camera pans down to the surface, it will be converted to a flat plane that can be explored. It is a unique graphical design that I have never personally seen in a video game before.

It may not look like much, but it beats walking.

To succeed in this game, you must move from planet to planet to search for usable resources. This is done through the use of the sleek, ball-like ship, the Explorer A1. These ships can be built and then used to travel to other planets. When leaving a planet, the transitions are seamless without any loading time. It is quite astonishing to watch.

A Project in Need

As you can see, this game has many unique features that other games fail to provide. The Galaxy of Lemuria has recently begun its fundraising campaign on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo. If this is a project that you are interested in seeing become a reality, then your support will be more than appreciated. Click on the link here to see how you can help, and how each level of contribution will reward you. With your help, the developers of this great game will be able to make the Galaxy of Lemuria a reality!