The Galaxy of Lemuria

The Galaxy of Lemuria (TGOL) is an MMORPG based on survival, sandbox elements. The galaxy is procedurally-generated. This will allow players to grow and build bases without dealing with the clutter of other people’s buildings. Or, they can team together to build cities.


Starting a new game will spawn the player on a random planet in the solar system. These may be uninhabited, sparsely populated, or booming centers of activity. Moreover, each person encountered has the potential to be an enemy or a friend. Ignoring the other players will not be feasible, as resources are scarce. Furthermore, resources are in high demand. This is in part because they are required for building a house. You will have to go off-world for many of materials, forcing you to explore the far reaches of the galaxy.


By adding players to your friends list, players will be able to group together efficiently. This group play is helped by teleport spells to bring people together quickly.


Once the player has settled down, the game is not over. Another feature is the pet system. This allows players to acquire and care for the various beasts across the galaxy.

TGOLSpace Travelling

In order to get those pets, you will need to traverse the stars. To truly get the best experience from the crafting system, the player will need a ship.

Transcendental Items

One of the irritating things about survival games is death. Granted, the name implies that survival is important, but losing all your items in the process can be frustrating. In TGOL, players can choose to enhance one item. Then, it is not lost forever when the player dies.

Trading Card-Based Skill SystemTGOL

Performing a skill in TGOL requires a unique card. Additionally, your character’s stats will make these cards more or less effective. New cards are acquired through surviving long periods of time or unlocking achievements. Also, these cards can be traded and sold to players.