Battle for Azeroth pathfinder

BfA Pathfinder is now Included on Wowhead’s Flying Tracker

The achievements correspond to part one of unlocking flying. As of BfA’s launch, flying is prohibited on Zandalar and Kul’tiras.

Flying Mount WoW

What will the tool show?

As of now, the gate to BfA flight is a sturdy one. Hence, the tool shows quite a bit of relevant information.

For one, it will show progress toward Battle for Azeroth Explorer, Azerothian Diplomat, as well as the relevant questing achievements. Doing either campaign for your faction’s war effort will reward the Ready for War achievement.

With Draenor and Legion, flight has been a luxury and not included in the base expansion. Battle for Azeroth is no exception, and players will have to invest their time into questing and exploring the new content before they can fly over it.

The requirements for unlocking our dragons are extensive. Thus, the flying tool tracks not only BfA’s flight, but also Draenor Pathfinder and Broken Isles PathfinderHopefully Wowhead’s addition to its tool will aid players in unlocking their vaunted flying mounts once more. As with any new expansion of late, the WoW community (some of it) has been vocal of the restrictions against flying.

Yet ever since its introduction, these mounts have been a needle in Blizzard‘s back. From making the world of Cataclysm fit to be seen from aerial views, to the death of world PvP, flying has been blamed for many of the game’s shortcomings.

Yet prohibiting a feature that is loved by the community is not necessarily the right move. Is Blizzard right on this matter? As a player, what are your thoughts on the system Blizzard has created? Let us know in the comments!