Stone Head New World

Amazon Releases Screenshots of Upcoming Project

Recently, Amazon Unveiled the plan to make a game-changing MMO. Amazon’s Game Studios has incredibly ambitious designs for the game. They want to build an entire society within the game, fully functioning as a microcosm of human interaction. The map provides raw materials and from there players can trade, build, and organize themselves into the most profitable arrangements. New World

Before any culture can be created, though, the map must be effective. Today, we got our first look at the game’s world. While there is still not enough information to determine if the places shown are effective MMO zones, the images are beautiful. Granted, most of them are screenshots of trees.

New WorldFrom giant stone heads to eerie ruins, the New World players will be vying over is not completely uninhabited. Or, at the very least, it was not at one point. Moreover, the pictures of old settlements may point the first real glimpse of PvE content. As of now, much of the gameplay is centered on survival aspects.

Players mine stone, chop lumber, and build forts. They can trade with other players for materials they do not have. Or, they can choose to raid other players. Indeed, raiding other people seems to be the only raiding being done in New World. Though, it is far too early to tell what the end-game will be as the game was only announced a few months ago. New World

From the screenshots and the meager amount of information we have, it seems New World will have the environmental immersion of the best RPG adventure games. All the while, it will maintain a sandbox survival gameplay. The game may have similar qualities to others like EVE online and The Forest, and The Witcher series, but the environments look compelling and different enough to describe a unique, new world.