The Dark Eye Gm Campaign will be a part of Divinity: Original Sin 2s master mode.

This update for the definitive edition is also the Prison Shadow campaign. This title, which has sold 2 million plus copies, is looking to introduce its players to a whole new world.

Larian Studios worked extensively with Ulisses Spiele to bring this collaboration to life. Crossing these two titles has the expectation to provide an exciting experience for veteran and new players alike. Dropping you into a world radiating with magic and mystery, prepare yourself to confront a dangerous cult and a nameless God. 3-5 players can participate in your own personal adventure.

This adventure was an automatic update on Steam as of November 21st. The beauty of this game is to bring the worlds of table-top and computer RPGs together as one. Full immersion is key. The opportunity to tell one’s own stories while leading others through their creation seems too spectacular to pass up.

Divinity Original Sin

This title’s studio is based out of Ghent, Belgium. They are best known for their Divinity titles which were introduced in 2002. Divinity: Original Sin has already been awarded or nominated for 150 different industry recognized awards.

With experience and the independent spirit behind it, Divinity looks to continue its uniquely successful life. Fans of these games, as well as the Dark Eye table top, could be in for quite the treat with this cross-over. Two similar yet unique universes forming one linear story isn’t something that happens every day. If this is something that interests you, make sure to give it try. You just might like it. This kind of comradery and creativity is a real pleasure to witness.

Are You Excited for Divinity?

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