Indies Looking Out For Indies

Here at DVS Gaming, we have a place in our hearts for indie games. We are a group of passionate gamers who create content out of love for the craft. So when a fellow indie comes forward with a vision and a plan, it isn’t against us to step up and help. In this case, the project comes from Timeless Games Inc., a small independent development company based out of Spain and Florida. The game is called Time Wanderer, and it is an action RPG with a time-travelling twist.

From the Future to the Past

According to the developers, the story of Time Wanderer centers around a young girl named Corina, who is actually from the future. During her own time, aliens invade Earth and enslave the planet. Her father, who is a brilliant scientist, creates a time machine that he places her within and gives her a mission to warn the past of the imminent alien invasion. A problem occurs in the timestream, of course, and Corina ends up being lost in the past. The future rests in her hands as she moves from eon to eon, trying desperately to find her way back to her time and save the future.

Visit Egypt in 2100 B.C.
Ancient Egypt is one of the many places that Corina is sent to. Courtesy of Timeless Games Inc.

The past itself has heavily inspired the developers over at Time Games Inc. in making this game. They state plainly that Time Wanderer is a reflection of excellent action RPG titles like The Legend of Zelda. Wandering from dungeon to dungeon, discovering clues and unlocking secrets, that is what Time Wanderer is all about. Corina can use her “Chrono” powers to solve puzzles or defeat enemies. There are even multiple paths that Corina can take in the story. The developers call this the “Chaos System”, which measures the amount of impact that Corina’s decisions have on the timeline itself. Be careful where you step!

Time Wanderer Is Running Out of Time

Time Wanderer is a top-down action RPG with a great story, but it may not happen without your help. As of this writing, the project only has 36 days remaining on its Kickstarter campaign, and it is only 10% funded. This project is running out time, and it is up to us to make this time wandering dream a reality. If you would like to support this project then click on this link.

What do you think about this project? Would you like to see Time Wanderer hit Steam and console soon? Let us know in the comments below.