cat lady

Cat Lady Comes To the Digital Markets

Created by Josh Wood, the physical version of Cat Lady was a huge success among fans attending GenCon and PAX Unplugged. Players build up and train a group of cats, giving them food, toys and of course, catnip. In order to win, each game requires the player to maintain their cats’ happiness and health.

cat ladyCEO of Nomad Games, Don Whiteford, says of the game’s theme: “I come from a long line of Cat Ladies and this superbly designed and accessible card game from AEG is the perfect way to keep on top of the family tradition. Josh’s game is a real treat for families, cat lovers and card gamers alike.”

Game Play

cat ladyThe players start with a deck of cards beside them, and nine cards face-up before them as well. Each turn, the player takes three cards and replaces them with three from the deck. For every cat card that the player acquires, they must be fed by the end of the game. All cats that are not fed equal a score of minus 2 points.

Moreover, there are many outfit cards scattered throughout the deck. Whichever player has the most outfits gets 6 points added to their final score. If you do not want another player accessing a row of cards, you can put a spray bottle on that row and keep it from play.

The goal is to acquire the highest score, which can only be done by getting an assortment of cards and playing them well. A cat card is useless if you do not have a food card, for example. The games intent is to be played quickly, and is perfect for a relaxing game night.

Once no more cards can be added to the selection grid, players add up their cats, outfits, and toys. However, whomever has the most food at the end is deducted two points.

First Look Review

At first glance, Cat Lady does everything a game should do. Firstly, it has intuitive game play that makes it easy to include in a game night rotation. Its a good game to play mindlessly or competitively. As a result, it works well as a mid-day adornment to a lunch break or an evening event. Secondly, its artwork, while not for everyone, does not distract from the game play. Lastly, the game has enough mechanics to keep each game fresh. In all, it is a good card game that I believe will find success on the mobile market.

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