Syberia 3

Microids announces Benoît Sokal’s new adventure will be released in April on Xbox One, PS4, PC, Mac, Android, iOS and will be “Coming soon” to the Nintendo Switch.

Syberia 3 promises an entirely different immersive story and Benoît Sokal’s universe. Featuring new 3D puzzles and an original score by Inon Zur, Syberia 3 will allow fans to enjoy the world in 3D for the first time in the franchise’s history. The development team has approached this sequel in an entirely new way attempting a more cinematic feel by employing motion capture, special cinematography techniques, and hand animation. They want to immerse the player in this world and give them full control over Kate and her movements.

Syberia 3 - Katie
Kate Walker, Syberia 3’s Protagonist

Syberia 3 is a new adventure for the franchise protagonist Kate Walker. Wrapped up in another mystery, she has been left for dead but has been rescued by the Youkol tribe, a nomadic people who have been trapped in Valsembor city. During the game, you will learn about their culture and help guide them down their path in return for them saving your life. Helping them will require you to solve mysteries and puzzles while your past creeps up on you. Vice president of Microids, Elliot Grassiano said in October of last year,

Syberia 3 is the third opus of a mythical adventure game saga fueled by a rich universe and a strong identity. After the unprecedented excitement we have seen for this game, and we decided to bring even more depth to Kate Walker’s new adventure. We are aware that fans around the world are eager to embody Kate Walker again but we need additional time to provide them with an adventure that can live up to their expectations in this fascinating universe created by Benoit Sokal.

Syberia 3 set to release this April on Xbox One, PS4, PC, Mac, Android, and iOS and is going to release on the Switch later this year. It will also be dubbed in French, Russian, Polish, Czech, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, and simplified and traditional Chinese.

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