Big Day

Developer: Sonic Shield | Zodiac Interactive

Release Date: Q3 2018

The Unexpected

Think about it. One night you’re driving along in your car down a country back road. The next, the unexpected takes you by surprise. A plane is crashing, you’re holding an axe and miraculously you don’t get squashed by said crashing plane you’re standing in front of while its crashing. Next thing you know, a zombie jumps out of the plane and starts eating people!

Flee? Fight?

Big day is a violent and intense pixel art shooting ARPG. There is no lack of blood and gore in this game as you blast holes in every zombie who tries to eat your brains out. Big day also has an interesting story behind it. Farmer Pancho is traveling across what remains of the planet to rescue his daughter Liz. In his travels, he finds himself battling through cities infected by the mysterious zombie virus “Snowdrop”. So, wait… did this virus start with snow? Anyhow, he also finds himself tangled in an international conspiracy and it’s now up to him to discover the TRUTH (queue The X-Files music). This game so far reminds me of the shows The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead. Both have amazing zombie blood, gore and guns.

Adapt and Survive

The game features so far include extremely advance combat and shooting. You will have ranged as well as close combat attacks. This will help you reduce the army of brain eaters to nothing but red bloody chunks. Yum. You will be able to obtain a nice collection of ranged and close combat weapons which you will be able to upgrade. The game will also feature open ladders, co-op, mission mode, survival mode, and more. As such, get your trigger fingers warmed up! You did survive getting squashed by a plane that crashed as you stood in front of it, so you can surly survive Big Day!

Discover the Truth

Keep your eyes peeled for the early access. According to comments on Steam from the game developers, early access will be launching soon. Developers state they are approximately 80% finished with the game. In the EA version, they have 4 chapters in story mode, 1 playable character, and 8 weapon variants consisting of over 100 different models.