The End is here. Image courtesy of The CW.

What Is Even Going On?

Season 14 of Supernatural, to me, is one of the most all-of-the-place seasons of Supernatural. With the upcoming season 15 set to be the final season of the long-standing show, it seems clear that the content is getting thin. The beginning of season 14 had promise, but as it went on, it started down a path of no return.

A Look Back on Season 14

Season 14 starts with catching up on what the apocalypse-world archangel Michael has been up to since he possessed Dean at the end of season 13. He’s been up to no good trying to make monsters even bigger and badder than before using his grace a little magic. Making vampires immune to dead man’s blood, werewolves immune from silver, and other power-ups.

Michael possessing Dean. Image courtesy of The CW.

When Michael suddenly up and leaves Dean, the crew resume monster hunting. Without his powers, Jack the Nephilim has trouble trying to keep up with the other hunters. He often gets put on the bench during hunts and feels useless to the team. But his condition is worse than everyone thought, and without his grace, his human body tears itself apart and he dies. But no one ever truly dies in Supernatural, and Jack is resurrected, but with a terrible price of leeching off his soul.

The Road Gets Even Rougher

As the gang tries to take down Michael, Jack ends up burning off his soul in order to use his powers to kill Michael. Without a soul, Jack begins going with the motions. He knows how to be good, but no longer feels the need to; in fact, he no longer feels anything.

No one wants to admit that Jack is different, and the Winchesters continue monster hunting. Castiel tries to search for God, thinking that He might be able to restore Jack’s soul. Meanwhile, Nick (who somehow survived the death of Lucifer) finds a way to resurrect Lucifer.

Jack struggles with remaining good. Image courtesy of The CW.

Jack kills Nick and stops Lucifer’s return, however, he does so cruelly by sending Nick out with a slow and painful death. When Mary Winchester attempts to tell him that he went too far, Jack’s mental state begins to spiral. He accidentally kills Mary when he only wanted her to stop talking.

The Chapter Comes to a Close

Afraid that the Winchesters wouldn’t be able to forgive him, Jack runs away after failing to attempt to bring Mary back to life. He gets manipulated briefly by Heaven. He becomes a holy weapon and ends up re-making a few human souls into angels. Believing that Jack is beyond saving, the Winchesters attempt to trap him, but are unsuccessful.

Feeling betrayed, Jack runs away again with Castiel. Meanwhile, God shows up and gives the Winchesters a gun He says will kill both the victim and the shooter at the same time and it would be able to kill Jack. However, when the Winchesters refuse to kill Jack, God is revealed to be a manipulative storyteller who just enjoys watching the world burn.

Dean tries to but decides not to kill Jack with the gun God gave him. Image courtesy of The CW.

God kills Jack with a snap of his fingers. Sam attempts to kill God with the gun but fails. Angry, God declares that it is “The End” and damned souls get unleashed from hell, plunging the world into another apocalypse.

Another Fine Mess

Wow. That season was all over the place. First, the bad guy is Nick, then it’s Jack, then it’s God himself? Make up your mind, people.

I have to say that I’m disappointed in the route that this season took. Right before things started going south for Jack, I wrote an article all about how Jack himself saves the Winchesters by giving them the one thing they always wanted: a son, a family. Jack was all lined up to be a fresh, cheerful face in this otherwise dark world. He was a beam of light, a beautiful innocent, a born optimist burning brightly in the darkness.

Just look at that innocent face. What happened? Image courtesy of The CW.

And then they up and ruined him. Made his actions and words no longer genuine. Jack, like Castiel, believed he would, could have finally made the world of Supernatural a better place. He could have finally helped the boys achieve their happily ever after. I can only hope that he still can.

God is a Liar

I honestly have to say the whole “God is a writer and writers lie” thing was yet another disappointment. I will say that it was an unexpected twist, but not worth it in my opinion.

It feels like the “it was all a dream” cop-out of Lost. Like, “Oh, the entire show of Supernatural was just God having fun ruining two kids lives. Cool?” It feels cheap to hand that excuse to a bunch of fans who have enjoyed the show for well over a decade. (Ironic, though, that we like watching these two kids have their lives ruined, too. Meta much?).

Where Does the Road Go From Here?

Despite how much it feels like season 14 threw us for a big loop, I have hope for season 15. It will be the last season of Supernatural ever, so it better be a good one.

The souls released from hell thing feels really climatic. It will probably be a good story arc. Not only that, but going up against God – the creator of the universe – is going to be the biggest challenge yet for the Winchesters. In addition, if monsters still retain the Michael-grace power-ups, the world will have its hands full.

The End is nigh, and it has zombies. Image courtesy of The CW.

I have to wonder how it will all resolve. After Jack dies at the end of season 14, he wakes up in the Empty. Billie is there, and who I believe to be the Empty itself (if it was Lucifer I would think it’d have red eyes and/or inky wings). Those are two powerful potential allies in this fight against God. The Empty claims it was there before God, and the previous Death claimed he would probably end up reaping God one day. I’d venture a guess that those two might try and end up trapping God in the Empty or something.

I am also keen to see Amara, the Darkness and God’s sister, perhaps getting involved. She knew her brother was a piece of work, and she has a huge crush on Dean, so it’s possible she might make an appearance. Maybe she isn’t as okay with giving up on her revenge just yet as we all think. They even know where she is; God told the Winchesters she was in Reno when He gave them the gun.

What do you think of season 14? What do you think we’ll see in season 15? Let us know in the comments below.