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Crowley is Back – Maybe

You have been warned – spoilers on Season 12 through 14 of Supernatural ahead.

Crowley. You love to hate him. He’s suave, he’s cruel, he has just enough humanity in him to cause all sorts of trouble.

In season 12 of Supernatural, Crowley, the King of Hell and everyone’s favorite demon, was killed in an alternate universe to try and trap Lucifer there. He very selflessly sacrificed himself to do it. Now, if we know anything about Crowley, we know he’s not exactly selfless, so what gives? Did he really die? He is a hard cockroach to squash. Guess he gets that from his mother.

We didn’t get any wind in season 13 that he would come back, but maybe, just maybe, he will.

A Tease, or a Spoiler?

Mark Sheppard, the actor that plays Crowley, posted a picture of himself with the following information:

Getting ready to start a brand new adventure tomorrow! Still super secret, but looking forward to reuniting with some old friends! A brand new character to play, hope you will embrace him like you have the others. #spnfamily

is crowley back maybe

What does it mean?!

Firstly, the hashtag and the mention of old friends does seem to point towards a return to Supernatural. However, the mention of “a brand new character” does not. But that could mean anything. It is Supernatural, after all.

Season 14, Episode 1

In the first episode of season 14 of Supernatural, aired earlier this week, we see that Nick – you know, Lucifer’s meat suit? – was not killed when Lucifer died (I’m skeptical it’s Nick and not Lucifer, but let’s roll with it). Lucifer/Nick’s actor, Mark Pellegrino, is still in the show despite no longer being Lucifer. In addition, how many times has Castiel forgotten who he is? How many times have characters been brought to life different?

It’s conceivable that Crowley could return – but maybe he won’t be Crowley anymore.  Maybe he’ll be Fergus, or the Apocalypse world-Crowley, or some other reincarnation.

Time will tell.  Myself, I am also hoping they #bringbackCrowley.