Super Seducer 2

Have you ever wanted to learn how to seduce a woman but aren’t sure how to approach? Have you ever wanted to know what it would be like to simply be an awful human being when picking up a woman?  Are you curious as to the result? Then Super Seducer II is the game for you.

When the player first begins playing Super Seducer II, they are immediately enveloped in a real-world simulation of the dating world. As the dictator of the choices made, you are presented with different scenarios. These include, but are not limited to wooing your secretary, interracial dating scenarios and many more. As you navigate the simulated dating experience, you will be offered a chance to play it in differing ways. You can choose between being sweet, suave, a douche bag, or for like of a better term, kind of a rapist. I must say though, there is no ill will here. Each time you choose your approach, you will see it play out. When it is finished, a cut scene will play explaining why your choice was good or exceedingly poor. Richard La Ruina, the games creator, and a female counterpart are your guides for this.

This game is entertaining, to say the least.

As I played through the game I found myself picking the wrong choices just for fun. You know, just to see what would happen when I made them. You very well may find yourself doing the same. While playing, you can definitely tell that the creators intended on creating a fun atmosphere. They obviously did not take the context of dating too seriously.

Super Seducer 2I should also note that this game should not be played by children. It has a lot of adult themes and is best suited for single males or someone that is just looking to see what would happen if they say the worst things imaginable.

Final Thoughts

Although this game is fun in nature I don’t think it is something I will play again. It is the type of game that you play once and really don’t think about ever again unless you want to think about that one time you chose to show the person your junk rather than complimenting them you may never think about the game again.

Have you played Super Seducer 2? What are your thoughts? Tell us in the comments below.