image of a sim washing dishes
Sim washing dishes

The Sims 4 Style Influencer Career is here!

Here you will find out how to use this new career, Style Influencer. First, you need to join the career itself. You can do this by joining the job any other way you’d join the career. Click on your phone or the little briefcase symbol and tell it to Join a Career.

image of the style influencer career in the sims 4
Style influencer career

Joining The Career

Once you have joined the career, a screen will pop up giving you the option to start a work from home assignment. Your hours as a Rag Reviewer will be 9 to 5 am, Monday through Friday, so at least you have the weekends off. Due to a trait that my sim has, she started off in level 4 of the career as an Ensemble Author.  My work from home assignment was to sketch on a sketchpad object.

At some point, you will need to buy one. Go to Build/Buy Mode and if you enter in the search bar “Sketch” it will pop up for you. This is actually how I usually find the things I need or want; as with me, it can be frustrating to search for it. On your sketchpad you will have all the options that you would, should you click on a canvas to paint.

image opf a sim using the sketchpad to work on her painting skill
Using the Sketchpad

I did notice a new option on your sketch pad called “quick sketch impression.” I did check the painting Easel (I have a maxed out painting) this is not an option. It would appear that this is only an option for the sketchpad.  My other sim, the teenager, was unable to have that option on the sketchpad. As of now, I am unsure if that option is strictly for the new career, or if it is an option with higher painting skill. I found it neat that when you look at the sketchpad it resembles a digital art program.


My work from home assignment is to sketch for two hours, but this appears to be bugged. I have chosen every which way to sketch; painting and every other option, and I still have been unable to complete it. I could use the sketchpad, but due to the possible bug, I am unable to confirm or deny its usability. On a side note, I did try this without any mods and went vanilla, but I still experienced an issue.  When it is time to go to work, you’re given options to work from home or go off to work, like the City Living EP.

image of the work alarm in the sims 4
Work alarm in sims 4

You will be given a daily task like any other job. These tasks will help with your performance. If you are new to The Sims, performance shows how well your Sim is doing at work or in school. The higher the bar, the closer to a promotion you are. Once you see a green arrow light up, that means you should get a promotion soon.

For the Daily Task: Discuss Outfits or Fashion, you must use the Discuss outfit option. There might also be a Discuss Fashion, but I did not see it. It does not appear that this will gain you credit towards the daily task. The discuss outfit option will have the style influencer icon, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to locate. It is also located under Friendly. The next day my sim had to work I decided to try working from home. My assignment was to take photos. For this one, use your cell phone and take photos with Photograph Impression. I checked to see if you could get credit by taking a selfie or a random photo or with the camera. None of these options would work.

image of a sim interviewing another sim for fashion
Interviewing a Sim

Final Thoughts

The career seems to be an easy one to work with. I have not gotten to anything more interactive, but this could come in time. Carlee is only level 4 of the career right now who is close to a promotion. As I touch more on the career in the coming days/weeks, I will provide more insight as this is at first glance. So far, the career is fun and pretty easy to work with, even the Work from Home assignments that aren’t glitched.

Have you had a chance to mess around with the new career yet? Let us know what you think of the Style Influence career in the comments below.