Latest Archives Event: Storm Rising

Overwatch’s Storm Rising event dropped a few weeks ago, and it left fans in a state of reluctant shock. In this newest addition, Genji, Tracer, Winston, and Mercy are pursuing Talon financier Maximillien. The premise seems interesting, and the cutscenes left fans guessing at new hero releases. Unfortunately, the event itself is short and offers no new enemies.

Players are also able to revisit old archive events and get new skins. The ability to replay Retribution and Uprising is arguably better than the introduction to Storm Rising. While the new event was fun to play through the first time, it hardly has any replayability.

Potential New Heroes

What can we expect from Overwatch moving forward? Of course, this newest event with Sojourn and the mysterious omnic hint at possible character releases sometime in the future. While it’s been confirmed that McCree’s android friend Echo and Sojourn are potential new heroes, neither of them is set to be hero 31. That leaves us with the unknown omnic at the end of the Storm Rising cutscene.

Unknown Omnic from Storm Rising Courtesy of AltChar

Current theories about who this omnic is all seem to revolve around his role as a leader of the Null Sector. Null Sector was a group operating out of London who used violent methods to achieve omnic rights. If this is the case, and our mystery omnic is a vital figurehead of Null Sector, why is he conspiring with Doomfist?

Talon wants to see humanity strengthen through conflict. Perhaps Null Sector and Talon fighting together would benefit both sides by helping humanity and granting omnics their rights. There has also been no confirmation as to who this omnic is, so it’s just as likely that he has no ties to the Null Sector in the first place.


Lastly, it appears that Overwatch will be getting Havana, a new capture point/payload hybrid map. This map ties back to the Storm Rising event as well as to the home of the latest hero, Baptiste. The map is out on PTR, and I expect it to be out on live servers after the end of the Storm Rising event.