A step by step guide on how to play the long-awaited Stardew Valley Multiplayer Beta.


Two years ago, ConcernedApe promised us multi-player as a feature in a future Stardew Valley update. And, finally, this promise and an open beta is unveiling. If you, like us, are one of the many players dying to give this version a try, then have no fear! Loading the version of the game with this function is as easy as logging in to Steam client.

Getting Set Up

The Stardew Valley Developer Blog details the information you need to know to get started with Stardew Beta v1.3, and even provides you with pretty screenshots to make sure you don’t get lost along the way. The easiest way to get started is to access your Steam library and right-click ‘Stardew Valley.’  From here, select ‘properties.’  Find the Beta tab, and change the drop-down option to ‘Beta-Help: test new updates before they go live!.’ Once there, you are prompted to enter an access code. Your secret password for super fun multi-player farming adventures is: “jumpingjuminos”.

Steam will then download Stardew Valley Beta to your computer as its own game in your library. Just be sure to manually back up your game files! Since this is a Beta version, it’s a work in progress, which means file save corruption is always a possibility.

Not loving the Beta version? No worries! You can return back to the original version of the game by going back, to that drop-down menu and selecting ‘none.’

Be sure the player with which you are wanting to play with has their own copy of the game. And, has also followed the steps to set up their Beta game since Stardew Valley’s multiplayer does not support couch or split-screen co-op.

Getting Started

Multi-player in this version works by relying on a new farm building called a cabin. Every friend you want to invite needs their own cabin. And you can build a max of three cabins on each farm. This might sound expensive and like it’s going to require a lot of building materials but, fret not, each cabin is super cheap, requiring only about 10 stones and 100 gold each to build. As always, Robing gives the best deals around! You also have the option to begin a new farm with pre-built cabins already on your farm.

Now that you have your farm ready and all your cabins built, it’s time to party with your friends (but not all night because you can’t let your energy drop too low!) Head over to start your game through the new co-op button on the main screen. Near the bottom of the options menu you will have the choice to invite your fellow Pelican Town-ers via LAN, by giving them your invite code. Or, straight through Steam by right-clicking their name and selecting “invite to game”.

Now you have an easy, step-by-step way to get started with the glorious, and long-awaited, Stardew Valley multi-player! Happy gaming!

We are so excited to see this feature finally blooming. How excited are you to finally be able to tackle the Skull Caverns with a friend? Let us know in the comments!