Star Control: Origins Original Soundtrack

Developer: Stardock

Release Date: September 20, 2018

Soundtrack Release

In conjunction with the release of Star Control: Origins, Stardock also released the official soundtrack for the game on a variety of platforms including digital audio and streaming.  There are over 40 emotional and energetic songs therefore you wont be left dissapointed in quantity. The songs are from renowned composers Mason Fisher and Riku Nuottajarvi. To celebrate the release of the soundtrack, Stardock made two of the tracks available to listen to on YouTube and YouTube music.

Star Control: Origins, Track 3 “A Higher Power.”

I love the way this song can keep you on the edge of your seat. When I listened to it, I felt safe, yet always on my guard. Mid-way through the song there was upbeat and lifting music. It fit the description given by Stardock which was energetic perfectly. I almost felt as if I could conquer any universe with this music playing in the background!


Star Control: Origins, Track 22 “Cold as Ice.”

Cold as Ice really holds up to the title. it will hit you right in the feels and give you a nice life in spirits at the same time. There is a lot of good ambiance music in this track. To me, this track said, “exploration of the unknown”. This may be just what the composers were going for as well when they titled it “Cold as Ice”. Exploration on cold, dark, vastly empty (as we know it?) planets.


Where Can You Get the Soundtrack.

Star Control: Origins Original Soundtrack is available through all major music services. You can purchase it from iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play and Steam. It will also be available on music services such as Spotify, Pandora, YouTube Music, Slacker Radio and much more! The cost for the soundtrack will be $9.99 and don’t forget about that applicable tax.

But Wait, Where Can I Get the Game?

If the sound track left you on the edge of your seat ready to explore a vast new galaxy, then don’t fret. Star Control: Origins has been released and is ready to play! Check out DVS article, Star Control Origins: Available NOW!!! for more details!