Spitkiss: A Tale of Polyamory

From only the title, you may believe this is a unique story that differs from traditional games. Importantly, it is not. Though the creators blend a theme of polyamory throughout the game, you can go through the whole game purely for the sake of game play.

Game Play

As a precision platformer, the players goal is to beat challenges presented in each map. The meta goal of the game is to send messages of love across each map. These come in the form of a Spitkiss. All ideals of love aside, the game is wonderfully made from a geometrical perspective. There are many ways of tackling a problem presented in the map.

Moreover, on mobile, the game is controlled by one finger. This makes it a perfect game to play for a winter day, huddled up inside with some hot chocolate.

There are 80 levels to play through using intuitive swipe-to-jump controls. Spitkiss is available on Steam and for iOS and Android for a couple dollars in seven languages.

The Theme of Love

One of the shining aspects of this game is that the story of love does not feel odd from an outsider’s perspective. The story progresses like any other. The game’s narrative is not exceptional, and this is a strong point. Though unique in its concept, Spitkiss sets out to prove polyamory can be normal. Half an hour through playing the game, you can be entirely unaware of the character’s motivations, or intimately familiar with them.

CEO and co-founder of Triple Topping Games, Astrid Refstrup, says of the game: “In Spitkiss we are telling a tale that shows someone loving more than one person while also delivering a fun gaming experience.”

While Refstrup would like players to learn of other people’s experiences, she hopes gamers will learn something of themselves too.