There has been a news drought up until now in regards to The Sims 4.

Pieces are coming together as more news is getting out there. Players have been suspecting a new pack is coming soon, by the end of the year. One of the SimGuru’s said as much when she mentioned they would give us free content. She also revealed that they are working on releasing a pack this calendar year. CNN will be presenting an upcoming special. The voiceover artists are currently working up the hype for the CNN Special.
image of a sim walkin in the sims 4 for the master chef cooking challenge
Sim walking

Free Content Update

Yesterday, there was a free content update revealed yesterday. Now we even have some hype for a special announcement for next week. Fans speculated that the announcement is to be a new pack. Could it be that we may finally get University or WitchesThose are two of the packs that everyone is asking for currently.
When we say speculated, we do mean this is pure speculation among the community for The Sims. Piecing together the evidence, it appears that a new pack is definitely on the way. There is hope that one will get announced this month. We know we will get one this year, but the announcement is another story. Voice actors have released many clips on their Instagram. The clips that are getting released are the actors doing the voice-overs.

New Voice-Overs

These new voice-overs aren’t heard in the video game before, so this is one piece of the puzzle. The CNN special will include the Simlish voice acting, confirmed by one of the voice actors. Simlish is the language sims speak, in case you were unaware. The date for the special hasn’t been revealed yet. It was confirmed that it would be sometime this month (October).
During the free content update reveals, the team for The Sims 4  showed us some major content. The patch that’s expected to get released this month got delayed. The delay is due to the content that will be releasing needing to get polished up some more. We have seen the new terrain tools and a new career which doesn’t appear to need much voice acting if any.
image of a twitter post from voice actor
Twitter Post from Voice Actor

What do you think is in the works? Which pack would you be most excited to see? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you.