Save the World, Protect the Sparklite!

Merge games has partnered with North Carolina based Red Blue Games to bring us Sparklite. This adventure brawler has clearly been influenced by games like Rogue Legacy and Zelda: A Link to the past.

When watching the video my brain immediately saw the Zelda influence and  I do mean that in a positive way. It truly made me smile as soon as i saw it, with the whimsical tone to your surrounding environment is truly endearing in appearance. The character you play as is named Ada. She is a super genius lost in a strange land. You must invent weapons and gadgets to fight the gremlins whom have cast the realm into turmoil. Puzzle solving talent will take you a long way as well.

The whole goal of this title is to protect the worlds life blood a.k.a the sparklite. With the gremlin hordes to battle as well as a mysterious baron lurking in the background, you have your work cut out for you. One thing I found cool is that the game has these randomly occurring earthquakes called disruptions. Disruptions cause the land to shift causing new quests, puzzles, and challenges.

The old school Nintendo inspired graphics look thoroughly enjoyable. The game play itself has a cartoony feel but appears to smoothly function. If you’re on the market for a game with a retro feel, this is for you. As a fan of Zelda in my younger years, I feel the need to give this title a try upon its release in the fall of 2019. Sparklite will be playable on PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox 1, and PC. What do you think of this games potential? Do you find it intriguing or too old hat? Will you give it a try? Let us know in the comments below.