Tuning Up the New Patch

World of Warcraft’s Patch 8.1.5 official drops today, allowing for players to play as both the Kul Tiran and Zandalari sub-races. This patch also opens up new questlines that will eventually lead to the opening of the new raid instance, The Crucible of Storms on April 16th. With all of these additions coming in to play, players will have plenty to experience in Azeroth. However, there are some undocumented changes that are equally as exciting, and creepy, and should not be missed.

Stan Lee’s Tribute

It was announced some time ago that Blizzard was placing a tribute of Stan Lee in both Stormwind and Orgrimmar. Well, today players will be able to go to Stormwind and visit the NPC called “Stanley” for themselves in Stormwind Keep. It is not specified when the tribute will be made available for the Horde, but that time should be soon.

New Model Updates

Blizzard is known for fine tuning game models without anyone knowing it, and that remains true for this patch. The most distinctive change is to Derek Proudmore, who will receive a new model making him look gaunt and racked with scurvy. Various portals around Azeroth will receive new models as well, showing more clarity of the intended destinations.

This is much more fitting for the undead Proudmore.

New Battleground Loading Screens

WoW has changed quite a bit from its inception in 2004, but there are some things that have slipped through the programmers’ fingers. The two oldest battlegrounds in the game, Arathi Basin and Warsong Gultch, have retained the same loading screens since the beginning. That will change with patch 8.1.5 as they receive brand new loading screens that fit the new aesthetic of the game.

Arathi Basin 8.1.5
Warsong Gulch 8.1.5

Hunter Pet Changes

Here are the changes as indicated by WoWhead:

For completing the Hati questline, a new tint is available, Hati’s Sacrifice.

A vendor in the Temple of Storms named Clockwerk now sells toys that specifically interact with Hati.

  • Voltweave Fez: Give the fez to Hati. (1 Min Cooldown)
  • Jolt Jerky Feed Hati a special treat, healing a small amount of damage. Sometimes, Hati may become too excited and viciously lick your face, dealing Nature damage. (1 Min Cooldown)
  •  Rubber Ball Throw the ball for Hati. (1 Min Cooldown)
  • Ironspine Protocol Enhance Hati’s size and constitution, allowing mounting. (1 Min Cooldown)
  • Charged Sparkstone Bring out the latent power in Hati’s lightning, visually enhancing Hati’s abilities. (1 Min Cooldown)

Alpine Falcon is the starting pet for level 20 Kul Tiras Hunters. It is a unique model, the only Falcon model with spotted wings, resembling the American Kestrel, a small colorful falcon native to North America.

Slate Direhorn is the starting pet for level 20 Zandalari Trolls. Usually, you have to acquire

Ancient Tome of Dinomancy to tame Direhorns, but Zandalari Trolls get this one (and the ability to tame) by default!

Dreadtick Latcher is tamable in 8.1.5, making it the first Orange Blood Tick.

Petopia reported that certain pets like Ak’tar, when tamed, keep their distinctive names–especially useful if they contained apostrophes, digits, and spaces, as those cannot be used when renaming a pet.

Something’s Fishy at the Darkmoon Faire

Probably one of the most unusual (and disturbing) additions in Patch 8.1.5 is the inclusion of fish head hats from the Darkmoon Faire. To receive one of these, players simply need to fish off the shoreline of the fair. If their patience and diligence pay off, they will receive either the Severed Crimsonscale Head or the Severed Azurefin Head. You better believe that raid parties are going to be full of fish-headed fighters from now on.

That’s just…lovely

How Are You Going to Play 8.1.5

Everyone has their own idea of how they are going to experience the new patch. Are you going to create a new, maritime toon? Will you seek out Stanley and join him on a walk through the keep? Or will you navigate through Azeroth sporting a severed fish head? Let us know in the comments below!