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Steam is Getting a Makeover

Steam has quietly worked on a new redesign for a few years now. Sparse, intermittent tweets are all that break up long periods of silence. In January, Valve gathered game developers for a presentation on Steam and its redesign. Yesterday, SteamDB creator Pavel Djundik posted what is allegedly the new layout.

The screenshot itself is full of Rainbow Six Siege images and a muted update post. While it does look like a jumbled powerpoint (as it probably was taken from one), the image is cropped. Moreover, none of the recent images show Steam’s actual redesign.

One of Many Projects

old steam developer listValve has been implementing some new changes already. The developer list was updated in June from an ugly, blue list to a sleek banner notably bereft of any sprawling lists. Valve changed the format in part because of how many games are in its library. A small list of recommended developers and publishers appear at the top of the page, with the complete list appearing at the bottom.

The new investments, game development, and formatting decisions all point to a company that is looking to adapt. As mobile gaming becomes more popular, it may be a good idea to redefine the look of PC gaming.

Furthermore, a curated experience has made rich companies out of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. By maintaining a fresh look, Valve can ensure its spot as the leader in an industry which is growing increasingly competitive. Just this year, Discord launched its own curated game store. It is likely that more competition will spring up as time goes on. When it does, at least Steam will be certified fresh.

Do you play games on steam? Do you approve of the new layout? Let us know your thoughts and comments on it below?