Image courtesy of the Skyrim Together team.

What the People Want

As someone who spent my four-day weekend playing Skyrim while I was snowed in, I’m excited to say that the game is soon going multiplayer. No, not by Bethesda, not by Elder Scrolls Online, but by a mod. Welcome to Skyrim Together.

Image courtesy of the Skyrim Together team.

It’s what we’ve all been waiting for. Bethesda just doesn’t seem to understand what the people want. Elder Scrolls Online just isn’t the same. Fallout 76 sure wasn’t what we wanted for a multiplayer Fallout game.

However, at long last, the true-blue Skyrim experience will be shared.

How it Works

Skyrim Together will have it’s own launcher due to Bethesda not wanting the mod on Steam. Games, at this time, can host up to 8 players. Servers are located only in Europe, but that may change in the future.

Image courtesy of the Skyrim Together team.

As far as release, Skyrim Together is going to enter a temporarily closed beta for its Patreons. There is not an official launch date for the beta at this time. Last week it was simply announced as “soon.” It is expected that the mod will be released as an open beta a couple weeks after the closed beta.

For those that enjoy modding their single-player Skyrim, there is hope. According to the Skyrim Together team, mods created with the Bethesda Creation Kit should be compatible with Skyrim Together. However, there are some limitations as the mod is now, due to dragon events not working (so no Thomas the Train dragons, sorry).

A Dream Come True?

Multiplayer Skyrim mods have been attempted in the past, so all the hype needs to be taken with a grain of salt. The launch had previously been expected in 2017, and here we are starting in 2019.

However, Skyrim Together seems well underway. The creators streamed the multiplayer masterpiece and all seems to be progressing nicely. We’ve provided the video below.

“Don’t fear, this will shortly be available for all,” says the mod developer. Let’s be patient and hope we can all play Skyrim together someday soon.

On a scale of 1 to Fus Ro Dah, how excited are you to be able to play the original Skyrim with friends?

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