Sinatraa and the Shock’s Season

San Francisco Shock has had an impressive season of Overwatch thus far. They participated in every Stage Playoff, won the Stage 2 Playoffs, and had a 28-map winning streak in Stage 2. That streak is the longest in Overwatch League history. On top of these achievements, the Shock’s Jay “Sinatraa” Won was recently awarded the most valuable player of the Overwatch League 2019 Season.

Jay “Sinatraa” Won

Sinatraa signed with the Shock during Season 1, when he was only 17 and not yet eligible to take the stage. This decision occurred after his stellar DPS performance in the 2017 Overwatch World Cup. He reportedly signed onto the team with a $150,000 contract, making him the highest-paid pro in the League.

While the Shock didn’t have an overwhelming first season, they’ve bounced back during Season 2, no small thanks to Sinatraa. He thrives on damage dealing characters like Doomfist and Tracer, and GOATS was a snap because of his Zarya skills.

Not only is Sinatraa a skilled player, but he’s also shown tremendous growth during this season. He admits to initially being a toxic and selfish player, but due to the coaching staff, has bettered himself as a person.

MVP Finalists

While Sinatraa won MVP for the 2019 Overwatch League Season, earning a majority of the 600,000 fan votes cast, he was up against some worthy competition. The other finalists were his Shock teammate Matthew “Super” DeLisi, the Vancouver Titans’ Choi “JJANU” Hyeon-woo and Lee “Twilight” Joo-seok, and Xu “Guxue” Qiulin of the Hangzhou Spark.

2019 Overwatch League MVP Finalists Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Last year, Bang “JJoNak” Sung-hyeo won the MVP trophy. JjoNak recently received an in-game Zenyatta skin to commemorate his achievement. While it hasn’t been confirmed, fans are expecting an in-game Zarya skin for Sinatraa.

Everybody Makes Mistakes

Professional players aren’t going to win every game, and they make silly mistakes, just like the rest of us. In a recent stream, Sinatraa attempted a play as Doomfist that resulted in the death of his team. While this doesn’t diminish his accomplishments, it’s nice to know that even professionals fail every once and awhile.