key art for mobile game fort stars
Fort Stars

Former employees of SimCity and EA Maxis will be launching a debut indie project, Fort Stars.

Magic Fuel Games, is a start-up that’s founded by four veteran EA Maxis and SimCity developers. The company launches its debut title, Fort StarsThe game is a next-generation mobile game. Players will create and customize their own fortresses. 
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Fort Stars Play Now
There will be a Throne Room, and you have to protect this throne room at all costs. You get to choose how you guard your throne room though. You will use an innovative level editor. The editor combines the depth of PC sim-builders with mobile touchscreens. 
The founders of Magic Fuel Games have more than 60 years of combined experience at EA. They have worked on games such as The Sims, Sporeand other groups until their final project. The final project for them was SimCity in 2013. The chief executive reveals the feelings of overwhelming pride and excitement. 
image of the face on the throne guard face in fort stars
Throne Guard Face
The game has been in works for three years. Fort Stars brings an opportunity to years of PC and console games to mobile devices. Mobile gaming is coming up in the world, and a lot of companies are starting to dabble in the mobile market. You will be able to safeguard your fortress. This will include strategic options such as trap rooms to armed swordsmen. 
There will be a lot of different ways to protect your fortress. One part of this package is building an impenetrable fortress. Players will even be able to invade other fortresses once you assemble a team of raiders. There will be a starting roster of 17 stars that you can play. 
image of fort stars
Fort Stars
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