Sigma Teaser

After a weekend of vague hints, Overwatch players now have a name and face for hero 31. Sigma, the newest recruit to the game’s hero roster, and potentially creepiest addition, made his debut earlier this morning. While we didn’t predict this hero, I was expecting Mauga to be the newest tank; he honestly seems like a great addition to the playable heroes.


Sigma is an astrophysicist hoping to unlock unknown knowledge about our universe. His interest lies in gravity and harnessing the power of black holes, which already spells trouble for our heroes. Of course, something goes wrong during his experiment, and he is hospitalized and imprisoned. The short ends with a shot of Sigma surrounded by members of Talon. It’s safe to assume at this point that he is the Talon tank we’ve all been waiting for.


Sigma’s backstory offers a lot of insight into who this character is. Obviously, Sigma’s going to have some ability revolving around antigravity. In the video, you can see small objects like pens or rocks hovering around him. I’m assuming the power to control gravity will be the defining ability of this hero. I think Sigma might also utilize phasing or cloning. After the experiment went wrong, Sigma occasionally appears to be pulled into two or three different directions. This anomaly may have to do with his mental state more than an ability, but having the power to clone himself would simultaneously be helpful for Talon and distracting for their enemies.

What I think makes Sigma so interesting, is how he’s essentially gone mad with the power he’s given himself. He’s a smart man, but his experimentation seems to have benefited him more than he ever could have imagined. That would make any man drunk on power. But there is almost always a downside to abilities such as these.

Sigma is haunted by the equations of his experiment and by a strange melody. Because of this, I expect his character to be somewhat abrasive and not entirely coherent. To always hear something playing in your head would drive even the sanest mad.

In short, I’m looking forward to the interactions, and atmosphere Sigma brings into Overwatch. I think a character going insane has the potential to change how players view the game. People forget that Overwatch has a dark history, but Sigma solidifies the flaws of the world.