image of shandris feathermoon
Shandris Feathermoon

Fans of any ‘fandom’ have the tendency to do what we call ‘ship’ or “shipping” for King Anduin.

Shipping is where you pair a couple in your mind; it is fun to speculate who King Anduin should marry. I have read the book, Before the Storm (**Spoiler Alert**) and Genn is trying to get King Anduin to pick a bride. As a king, it his duty to carry on his family name. He should get married and have an heir. We have cut out the footwork by both personal thoughts and asking the community. Today, we will be giving you a list of those who we felt would make a perfect bride for our young king, and why.
image of king anduin standing in front of his throne
King Anduin

Tess Greymane

Tess is a princess in her own right, she is the daughter of Genn Greymane. Though we have not seen much of her as far as the lore goes, she has been seen around. In the book, “Before the Storm”, her father tries to get King Anduin to consider her as a prospect. Anduin seems to be more focused on the war around them then on who should bear his heir. She definitely seems to be a likely suitor for the young king.

Taelia Fordragon

Taellia is the daughter of Bolvar Fordragon. She helps the alliance escape from the prisons after their capture. Taelia was a ward of the Proudmoore’s house. She believed her father to be dead, not knowing that he is The Lich King, as of now. Bolvar had sent her to away to keep her away from combat, but now it seems the war is coming to Kul Tiras. It would be inevitable at some point that she and Anduin might meet if they haven’t already.
image of taelia in boralus
Taelia Fordragon

Sylvanas Windrunner

At this point, you are probably looking at this paragraph thinking “Did she just say that???” I did, and let me tell you why. This match is unlikely. A lot of others in the community seemed to ship these two the most. When I asked why, the answer came to me; “Because what better way to get the peace Anduin wants then by marrying the enemy.” This logic makes sense.
Anduin desires peace, he always has. If he were to marry the Warchief, then he could get this. This could also go poorly for him. She wants Stormwind; she wants to kill all them and raise them all to be *her* warriors. The Warchief also wants an army, and if she and Anduin were to get married, then that could put her one step closer to this. She is undead, so bearing children would not be likely, which makes this match unlikely. I included Lady Sylvanas as one of the potential brides for Anduin due to popular demand.
image of wow sylvanas artwork
Sylvanas artwork by Eric Braddock

Jaina Proudmoore

Lady Jaina Proudmoore is the former ruler of Theramore. She is also the Lord Admiral of Kul Tiras. Her and Anduin have known each other for his entire life it seems. She is gorgeous and powerful in her own right. If our calculations are correct, then she could still have children, so she could have an heir for her and Anduin. This would be a perfect political marriage and a way to join two powerful rulers under one house.


We don’t know much of Modera except that she is among the Council of Six. She was there when Jaina insisted that they help defend Theramore. Modera also insisted on Dalaran staying neutral. She might be the one to help Anduin in his quest for peace, but she will do what is necessary. I can’t seem to find mention of her possible age, but she could make a good bride for the alliance’s leader.
image of archmage modera in wow
Archmage Modera

Calia Menethil

Calia has returned to the game in Legion; she’s found in the priest class hall. In the book, she goes with Anduin and the humans to meet with the forsaken only to die at the arrows of Sylvanas. Anduin retrieved her body and took her back to their class hall where she is raised by the light as a Forsaken. Anduin, Alonsos Faol, and a Naaru raise Calia.
This could very well bring a whole new race of undead to the game. She could be the key to getting Lordaeron cleaned up and back to the Alliance while she sits on its throne as queen. Anduin could be her King by her side. The question is, could they bear young? Could she still carry a child being undead but by the light? It doesn’t make this pairing any less likely.
image of calia with her eyes glowing yellow, naaru behind her, novel behind her glowing hands
Calia Menethil

Moira Thaurissan

Moira, like many of us, has made some mistakes. She made mistakes to the point that the people of Ironforge didn’t even trust her enough to lead by herself. After her father was crystallized, she stormed in and held everyone captive to force her rule. She was kidnapped by the dark emperor Thaurissan when she was a teenager. She ended up falling in love with him and having a child. He believed that she could rule even as a female while yet her father could not.
Her father had a very prehistoric way of thinking and felt that women should not be rulers. She should have a husband and children, and he needed a male heir to take the throne. This way of thinking actually pushed her away. He has since changed his way of thinking, as seen in the novel since he is no longer ‘frozen’ and able to move. Moira would make a great potential bride for Anduin because she is a queen. She does know politics and we already know that she’s given birth to a healthy, beautiful baby boy. It is safe to assume that she could give birth to another.
image of moira thaurissan standing in ironforge
Moira in Ironforge


Here is a name we haven’t seen since Cataclysm; unless you have done some of the older quests. This would not be the first time you would see a dragon and a human get together. Jaina and Kalec (Kalecgos) became an item for a time after Theramore’s destruction. Alexstrasza, as far as  I know, is still the queen of dragons and loves her children. She could take care of Anduin, his heirs, and be a perfect queen of Stormwind.

Vereesa Windrunner

Vereesa is a ranger and the sister of the Warchief. She is a high elf, former wife of Rhonin. Her husband, Rhonin was killed leaving her a single parent of twin boys. She helped Rhonin rescue the Dragon Queen, and it was soon after that mission they fell in love. She raised her nephew, Arator, after his parents disappeared on Draenor. It might be time for her to move on and find a new love. This love could be with Anduin and she may still be able to give him an heir to the throne. She would even do what she could to protect the crown as its queen.
image of vereesa windrunner in warlords of draenor
Vereesa Windrunner

Shandris Feathermoon

I actually added this idea after one of the many choices I had heard was Tyrande Whisperwind. She is out of the question because she married Malfurion. Instead, I remembered she had an adopted daughter. She had taken care of this young night elf after her parents died, so I added Shandris to the list. Shandris is the night elf sentinel and current general of the Sentinel Army. 
She has shown a fierce devotion to Tyrande and would defend her with her life. She is not currently seeing anyone that we are aware of, so this makes her eligible. Is she queen of Stormwind material or wife material? She is the (adoptive) daughter of the Ruler of Night Elves. It is safe to assume that she might know a thing or two about the politics behind the ruling lives of a King or a Queen.
image of shandris feathermoon in warlords of draenor
Shandris Feathermoon

Who do you think will most likely win the heart of Anduin and a place at his side as Queen of Stormwind? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear your thoughts!