Khor, Hammer of the Guardians

September 5 Hotfixes:

Transmog Maces Don’t Smash Faces

The day’s hotfixes include a substantial nerf to Khor, Hammer of the Guardian. It was intended to be a transmog item, and no other weapons from Uldir were affected. The mace’s item level will display as 120. The original post can be found here. If you have enchanted and/or destroyed the weapon, the restoration page can help you recover the item. Now, onto the rest of the news.


  • Warlock
    • Diabolic Raiment 2-piece set bonus activation chance has been reduced to 4% (orginally 20%)


  • Khor, Hammer of the Guardian has an ilvl of 120 to signify it is a transmog weapon.

Island Expeditions

  • Seafarer’s Dubloon items may no longer be used in PvP island expeditions.
    • This change is in part due to the incredible damage siege weapons were doing. In some cases, only one player was not in a demolisher or siege tank. Moreover, the damage did not correlate to a PvP scenario.
  • Demolishers and Siege Tanks have been tuned to do less damage. Several cooldowns are now longer.


  • Stealth missions have two bosses or objectives to counter.


  • The PvP talent ‘Relentless’ and the Orc Racial ‘Hardiness’ no longer stack.
  • The weekly conquest turn-in quests should be working as intended.
  • Bonus rolls for rated PvP matches will be removed when the leaving the instance.


  • Engineering:
    • The BfA bombs all require fewer materials to craft. Rank 3 of the recipes now reduce the amount of materials as intended.
  • Glyph of the Headhunter has been removed because it was obsolete.


  • The display issue encountered during “The Road of Pain” has been fixed.
  • Ji’arak and Warbringer Yenajz will always prompt a bonus roll.
  • Exiting Torga’s Rest will not cause “Save Our Scrolls” to go away until the player re-entered the area.
  • Sabertron will spawn after his loving technician is slain.