Fortnite Season 5

Season 5 of Fortnite is just around the corner! With this comes a panoply of new skins, rewards, and rankings for players to begin unlocking over the summer.

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The most recent news confirms season 5 should operate similar to the Season 4 Battlepass. You will have access to new skins, XP multipliers, and emotes. These will take some time to unlock, so settle in as we explore this topic!

When does Season 5 Go Live?

Every quarter, Fortnite enters a new season. With a new season comes a new opportunity to unlock a panoply of rewards. These new rewards come in the form of weapon skins, loading screens, dances and emotes, and even V-Bucks. To unlock any of the new season rewards, one simply plays over the course of the season.

Season 5 is set to go live Thursday, July 12th at 8am GMT. This reveal came via their subreddit for the game.  Not everyone around the world will see this release time. So, the following times are when season 5 begins around the world:

  • UK: 9am (BST.)
  • Europe: 10am (CEST.)
  • East Coast US: 4am (EDT.)
  • West Coast US: 1am (PDT.)

As in all previous seasons, all challenges are reset when Season 5 begins. So, be sure to use the final few days to get those final achievements!

The Theme for Fortnite Season 5?

Since the week of the announcement, Fortnite has been buzzing with events. A giant rocket from an enemy lair heralding from the west side of the map took aim at destroying the Tilted Towers. Seemingly, this failed, and detonated in flight, causing a huge crack in the vault of the heavens.

Cracked Sky in Fortnite after the Rocket Event.

If you didn’t see this event in-game, Nexiph recorded the entire event for posterity. You can watch the event here:


Time Travel?

Nobody knows for certain what the cracks meaning. Many hypothesize it to be a rift in space/time. Furthermore, this theory received further credit and credulity from other rifts opening along side of this one all across the map. Objects disappear into oblivion.

What is exactly occurring? Leading theories project time travel, with key objects being pulled from their current places in time, and moved to an alternative plane of existence. It’s further speculated items from other seasons are pulled to this place too. Epic games recently hinted at the return of the Red Knight, an old skin from a previous season. Whether this lends credibility to this hypothesis is unknown. However, this is an interesting coincidence if nothing more.

Screen Grab of The Red Knight Via Fortnite’s Official Twitter.

Cost of The Season 5 Battle Pass?

Season 5 -similar to previous seasons – will offer an array of new rewards. Many of these, however, are gated behind ownership of the Battle Pass. You can unlock a number of goodies from the Free Pass, however, the exclusive second tier rewards will only be accessible with the Battle Pass.

Carbide Skin from Season 4 Battle Pass.

The Battle Pass should cost the same as the previous season, at 950 V-Bucks. 1000 can be purchased for around $10 U.S, or £8. Also, you can also earn V-Bucks through a variety of in game activities. The Season 4 Battle Pass offers the following:

  • Two outfits – Carbide and Battlehawk.
  • 50% personal match XP boost.
  • 10% friend match XP boost.
  • And access to Weekly, Blockbuster, and Carbide challenges.

Not much is known about the rewards for Season 5. However, we expect there to be a confirmed list soon. Also, there are reports of a leaked list, but nothing is confirmed.

With this being said, we wish you the best of luck as you conquer Season 4, and move into Season 5. Are you excited about the possible rumors of time travel? Furthermore, what do you think will come from the crack in the heavens? Also, are there any speculations of which I didn’t think? Let us know in the comments!