SDCC Brought The Excitement!!

San Diego Comic-Con, since its inception, has brought its attendees -and millions of global fans- raw excitement and anticipation. From it’s all-star line up, and big reveals, it leaves fans heads spinning with excitement and possibilities. But, a few trailers from the D.C. Extended Universe have managed to stand out and finally get a chance to shine. Namely, the extraordinary trailer drop for Shazam!

Daaammmnnn Shazam!

The trailer for Shazam! managed to stun audiences, and has sent ripples through online communities, generating excitement and anticipation. Now, admittedly, we’ve been stung before as DC fans. And countless “let downs” from the D.C. Extended Universe have almost made us lose hope. However, this trailer has sparked that hope once again.

Break it Down

The trailer opens with Billy Batson (Asher Angel) in what presumably is a social workers office. She pleads with the young Billy to give the new family a chance as they are doing the same for him. We then get a glimpse of Billy’s new foster brother- played by Jack Dylan Grazer- from the revival of last years IT. He appears to have a physical disability that prevents him from walking. The two boys then have a conversation about which superpowers they would have if they could be a hero. Batson offers a snarkish remark as the trailer begins to move ahead. Grazer’s character is then accosted by some average bullies. Then, Billy uses Grazer’s crutch to fight them off and defend his new friend. A chase begins, and Batson ends up on a subway and from here things really pick up. The Subway begins to malfunction, and Old Hieroglyphic text appears on the message board. While this is happening, a voice looms over saying stating that Batson is the Chosen. Billy meets the wizard Shazam and speaks his name.  We then get the introduction of the Hero Shazam! The trailer then plays out as promised like Big (Tom Hanks film )

Hope Floats

Take a moment to watch the trailer, and tell us your thoughts in the comments. Are you excited for the upcoming movie? Is there anything you want to hear about next? Take a moment and check out our Aquaman Trailer Reveal coverage from SDCC!