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Electronic Arts released a new expansion pack for The Sims 4 back in November.

Since Get Famous got announced, fans of a mod called Road to Fame, made by Sacrificial, have been talking about how EA stole the idea. In this article, we will discuss whether this is even true. Sacrificial created this popular mod called Road to Fame. The Road to Fame mod allows Sims to become famous through singing, acting, or also modeling. Get Famous will include an acting career, perks, and fame levels for your sims. The question remains: did they copy Sacrificial? Let’s explore this.

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Stolen Idea?

Ever since The Sims creation, they always included celebrities or fame in some way. The Sims 1 had Superstar, which added fame and some new careers to go along with it. Sims 2 did not receive a celebrity or fame pack, but that revisited the game in Sims 3 with Showtime. There were actually two versions of Showtime. You had the Katy Perry Edition and the standard edition of the expansion pack. 

 Showtime allowed you to travel to your friends’ worlds and perform. They had a magician, singing, and acrobat career. When Sims 4 released, a lot of players missed the celebrities and players began asking EA to bring them back. A modder by the name of Sacrificial (known as Dramatic Gamer) came up with an idea to add to the game. If EA wouldn’t do it, then someone had to, right? 

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The Sims 4 Get Famous

Sacrificial Statements

There have been people commenting and asking if EA is going to steal from the modding community. Any video game that allows mods has always bee inspired by a mod and would at some point add that feature. Sacrificial did take to Twitter to clear the air about the mod and whether EA stole the it from him.

 He revealed that the inspiration for RTF (Road to Fame) is The Sims Superstar & The Urbz Sims in The City. I love Sacrificial’s Mods. I am excited for the new expansion to see what Sac (short for Sacrificial) does with Road to Fame afterward. This expansion could also open up many possibilities to his mod. EA has mentioned they have at least three years of content planned for the game. EA’s statement tells us that it is possible they even had this planned before his mod was also released. After all, these things do take time. 

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Road to Fame

What do you think? Do you think EA stole Get Famous from Sacrificial? How about after we explained to you how they have been in the game since the first sims? If you’re interested in trying out Sacrificial’s Road to Fame mod, you may download it here. Let us know what you think in the comments below; we’d love to hear from you.