Refunds for RUST players claiming, “Not Fun” and “Bad Performance.”

Face Punch Studios, developers of RUST have given out Steam refunds for approximately 329,970 copies 0f their open world, survival game, totaling about $4.3 Million USD refunded in total. That’s a lot. Garry Newman, founder of Face Punch Studios even offered refunds to gamers who had only played for a few hours. Newman cited customers claims that the game was  “not fun” and had “bad performance,” in his choice to extend the refunds. Newman says that this equates to around 6% of the game’s total sales.

RUST, Facepunch

“I put that down to people using the refund system as a demo…I think in the long run, people knowing the refund system is there probably gained us more sales than it lost us” Newman stated.

For those of you who aren’t aware of the game, RUST is an online multiplayer survival RPG on platforms such as Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux. Your main objective in the game is to survive. However, this is no simple task, as factors such as starvation, dehydration, radiation, exposure and bear attacks threaten your character’s fragile existence–not to mention other players who are willing to kill to survive themselves. The game is simultaneously notorious and celebrated for its difficult, requiring great effort, skill and a little bit of luck luck in order to survive, adapt and prosper.

RUST, Face PunchRUST was originally released onto Steam’s early access program on December 11, 2013. Since then, the game has been plagued by numerous bugs and connectivity issues (in what seems to be a growing trend with early-access, open world survival games). Despite its many bug fixes, even after replacing zombies with bears and wolves, the huge amount of refunds suggest that RUST is still far from perfect.


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