Riot Games COO in trouble! Courtesy of VG247

Riot Games Throws Down The Gavel On COO

This is old news, yes, but it is still worth reading!

Riot Games (creator of League of Legends) threw down the hammer on their COO: Scott Gelb. This came after a look at “negative” behavior shown toward employees of the growing organization. Since then, Gelbs’ has been placed on a two-month leave. Faced with concerns about how his work is conducted, the investigation has been underway. An interview with Variety Magazine states that no behavior issues had been shown.

Riot Games logo. Courtesy of Riot Games.
Riot Games logo. Courtesy of Riot Games.

Is This True?

CEO Nicolo Laurent states: “Many of the rumors about Scott within the company…are not true. Also, the claim stating a cover-up from the lawsuit was determined to be false.” With this in mind, we bring up an important subject. A lawsuit has been issued by both a current and former employee of Riot Games against the company regarding unfair practices. This included sexual harassment and bad payment practices based on gender.

Here, we mention a Riot Games employee, code-name: “Lacy.”

The Investigation

A Kotaku investigative exclusive dug deeper.

Stating that “hiring women in leadership positions” was near impossible, discussions about management being “unfair” about gender issues were brought up, and that the company also made false remarks toward many of the team’s female workers.

One instance came in the form of an experiment by “Lacy.”

The infamous League of Legends. Courtesy of Engadget.
The infamous League of Legends. Courtesy of Engadget.

After an attempt at reaching management with a crafty idea, Lacy sent in a male coworker. The idea was accepted with open arms. Since then, it has become clear that gender plays a significant role within Riot Games’ management.

What’s Next?

Riot Games has continued to make attempts to say that no conclusions should be made. Still, we should keep an eye on this. Perhaps something is going on here that we do not yet understand. However, Riot Games is still the creator of the great League of Legends. 

We can only hope that such a great game remains untouched.