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Riot Games Sees Some Old Faces in New Roles

League of Legends

Yesterday we saw some old face’s within Riot Games take on new leadership roles. Mark “Riot Scruffy” Yetter has become League of Legends new Lead Gameplay Designer; the role formerly held by Andrei “Riot Meddler” van Roon. Yetter’s taking over the Lead Gameplay Designer spot has given him the responsibility of addressing the issues ‘Gameplay Thoughts’ posts, run by van Roon, posed. Yetter now being in charge of various gameplay challenges within League of Legends.

Yetter went on twitter to remark on the change:

What is happening with Andrei van Roon?

I know some of you might be wondering: If Yetter has taken over van Roon’s former position, is  van Roon out of a job? Fear not my little Jelly beans. Van Roon has now taken on the mantle of Lead Designer. While van Roon hasn’t stated whether or not he will keep working on the ‘Gameplay Thoughts’ posts, he has stated that he will continue to share thoughts with the players.

What Other Changes Could There Be?

Why, I am glad you asked. Greg “Riot Ghostcrawler” Street, the former lead designer for League of Legends, had announced that he has now taken on the role as Head of Creative Development at Riot Games. Now as the Head of Creative Development Street will be continuing to work on the game’s universe through other mediums.  Among them being new games.

“We’ve been up front that we want to put the S in Riot Games, and I am helping with that effort,” Street said on the League boards. “In addition, we have been taking Runeterra as a world more seriously, as you’ve probably realized with the release of the Ryze CG and the world map. While telling stories is really important to us (and I hope many of you), there is a limit to the kinds of stories we can tell in League of Legends without getting in the way of a competitive, multiplayer game. So, many of our stories will have to come through other mediums, and of course that possibly includes other games.”

All these changes in positions seemed to have happened immediately. So we should be seeing more updates from the three on more League of Legends related info in the coming weeks. What do you thinking about these changes? Are you excited for what Riot Games future hold? Hesitant with the changes? Let us know in the comments how you’re feeling.