Razer Kraken Pro Tournament Edition

Today, we are reviewing the Tournament Edition of the Razer Kraken.

For the purposes of this review I will be comparing my old headset, the SteelSeries Siberia 650’s that I got back in 2014 and have been using since.

Let’s start with how they may catch your eye.

For me personally, I prefer the darker look and the RGB rings of the SteelSeries. While some may enjoy the vibrant green of the the Razer set, I find it a little off putting. The Razer green is just too strong of a color for my tastes. Plus the RGB rings can be programmed to any color you like, mine being Purple. They both have metal framing. This is convenient for this that tend to be hard on their equipment. I know in the past, I have had quite a few sets break because of their plastic composition. I have had my 650’s for 4 years now, and they are just now beginning to show wear. Now, lets delve into how they feel when worn.

The Krakens design for the ear covering, has about an inch and a half of cushion. A nice unique detail of the Kraken is the groove for those who wear glasses. It prevents pressure on the temples, when wearing both. The 650’s have no such thing within their design. Meanwhile, the SteelSeries cushioning is equally thick, while also being wider and softer. While both are comfortable to wear, the 650’s don’t weigh on your head, which is favorable. But with the design of the Krakens the area that rest on the top of your head is far more noticeable while in use. The 650’s have a great design here where they use a spring so that is less noticeable. You only feel the ear muffs and not the rest of the headset.

Sound Quality

Now, lets talk about the most important part of any headset, the sound quality. The 650’s have excellent sound quality. They have far superior sound compared to the older, plastic style of headphones. Sound quality is quite similar between these two sets. The Kraken shows some superiority in the features though. On the controller is a button, which controls the full THX Spatial Audio Surround Sound. This sounds freaking amazing! For me personally, I keep it on this mode full time. The placement of the volume controls on the cord makes the Krakens’ more versed for changing on the fly. Turn the volume up in the software, and enjoy easy control sound.

Where can I get it?

So all in all, I do enjoy some of the features that the 650’s have, but when it comes to sound control and quality the Razer Krakens are a far better option. Now, this is all just my personal opinion, and if you want to check this great headset out for yourself you can head over to Razer and pick up a set for the price of 99.99$ US.

Thanks for stopping by, and we will chat again in the next Hardware review!! Do you own either of these headsets? How do you like them? Let us know in the contents below.