Recent Bans

Apex Legends has a problem with cheaters. Of course, most games come across this issue at some time or another, but it seems especially prevalent in this battle royale. In early March, Respawn banned over 355,000 cheaters from the game. Clearly, this wasn’t enough as the number of aimbots and speed hacks are steadily rising.

Respawn refuses to be outdone though, and they recently upset more cheaters through hardware ID banning. Instead of just banning accounts, which cheaters can make new ones, they’re banning the very hardware that runs the accounts. Regardless of how many new accounts are created or how often they try to change their IP addresses, they will continue to be banned from the game. Hopefully, this also dissuades others from using hacks in the first place.

Cheaters Respond

Of course, banned players are angry about Respawn’s latest move. Now they can’t play the game, whatever will they do. These cheaters are looking for ways to remove the ban and play normally again.

Cheaters Respond to Respawn’s Recent Bans Courtesy of Reddit

Here’s the thing, if you’re going to cheat at a game to increase your chances of winning, you’re going to have to live with the consequences. While I’m sure these people want to play the game again, the players they’re killing want to have fun; they want fair fights. As someone who’s run into quite a few hackers, I can say that they, without a doubt, ruin the experience.

What do people honestly get out of cheating? I understand that they want to win, I do too, but how successful do you feel when you win because of outside interference? Play the game, have fun, lose a bunch, and win some. That’s the only way you’re going to get better. At least that way, when you finally are the champion, you’ll know you didn’t have to cheat to get there.