History of Apex Legends Bans

Apex Legends has arguably found its place in the short list of top tier battle royales. With this status comes a host of problems, including the ability to cheat within the game. Almost half a million players already received bans when Respawn added the ability to report in the Season One update. Since then, an extra 270,000 players have been banned for a total of 770,000 bans.

To keep cheaters from returning to the game with new accounts, Respawn also bans players through hardware IDs. This method bans the hardware the computer uses, meaning making a new account or changing an IP address won’t negate the ban.

Types of Cheaters

There are many different methods to cheat in video games. The most popular ones used in Apex are aimbots and speed hacks. Aimbots essentially make it so that the cheater doesn’t have to aim; the hack does it for them. A great way to spot an aimbot is if a player is hitting multiple headshots in a row or if they are tracking through smoke or walls.

Speed hacks are precisely that, they increase movement speed and sometimes fire rate. This advantage makes it almost impossible to hit the cheater using it. The following video shows some great examples of what hacking in Apex Legends looks like.

Respawn shared the following statistics on cheaters in the game.

  • We have blocked over 300K account creations.
  • We have banned over 4,000 cheat seller accounts (spammers) in the last 20 days.
  • Total affected matches on PC impacted by cheaters or spammers have been reduced by over half in the last month due to recent efforts.

The Future for Apex Cheaters

It looks as if Respawn isn’t going to stop their attack on hackers anytime soon. Jay Frechette, Respawn community manager, writes, “We take cheating in Apex incredibly serious and have a large number of resources tackling it from a variety of angles. It is a constant war with the cheat makers that we will continue to fight.” This news is excellent for all the players who play fair and want to continue the grind to get better. Hackers are a lot less likely to be in our games in the future.