resident evil 2 wallpaper

The Evil Once Again Resides on Top.

Ok, to be honest. Resident Evil has been on top ever since the 7th title was released. After the gameplay shifts that took part with the 6th and 7th title, Capcom has decided to return to a gameplay form similar to Resident Evil 4. Guess what, it works, perfectly. Everything from the atmosphere to the revitalized but familiar story has been given a facelift in the Resident Evil 2 Remake. Even players who have played the original PlayStation 1 title will never know what to expect. In fact, this might just be the best remake for any game ever released.

Gore and Gameplay

One of the best things about the original version of Resident Evil 2 was the atmosphere. That has not changed in the remake. Most rooms are dimly lit with rain pouring through broken windows and the moans of the undead echo through the halls. The game is even more terrifying than it’s original version as zombies and other monsters feel powerful with gunfire having an average effect on them. Control-wise, the gameplay feels responsive and fair. Allowing for smooth stable movement throughout the world. Meanwhile, players will have to contend with a limited inventory and brain twisting puzzles that break up the combat at certain points in the game. Sometimes the scariest moments come from the choice of which ammo and health items to keep on you.

Don’t expect to go all gun crazy on every zombie you come across. Headshots are not a one-shot kill, and certain monsters down the road may need the ammo more than one zombie. Having to plan ahead can be a big part of the game.

A Scared Yet Diverse Cast.

Like the original game. Players are given the choice of playing as either Leon Kennedy or Claire Redfield. The story involves both characters journey through the zombie-infested Raccoon City. During each playthrough each character will traverse similar paths and take part in pretty much the same puzzles with a few exceptions. The perspective of the story plays out through each character’s perspective. Giving the game incredible replay value in order to achieve the true ending. There are times however, during each character’s playthrough, that you will be placed in control of 2 different characters. One character has an emphasis on quick puzzle solving, while the other has a bigger emphasis on stealth. Speaking of stealth, you’re going to need it to deal with a certain enemy.

Mr. X Gon’ Give it to Ya

One of the most terrifying and relentless enemies I’ve ever encountered in a video game makes his home in this one. At certain points in the game, the player will come across the hulking brute Mr. X, also known as the Tyrant. My advice on how to beat this gentleman is to just run and hope he doesn’t right-hook you. As soon as he appears, he begins to chase you all throughout the police station. He is completely indestructible, with only a few well-placed shots stunning him briefly. There are certain rooms that he will not enter, and his presence is always well known due to his eerie footsteps. If there’s one thing the game nailed, it’s this mad, relentless fedora wearing bio-weapon.

Mr X RE2

A Beautiful, Terrifying World.

Graphics-wise, the game looks stunning. Character animations are top of the line, allowing each character to convey emotions for each situation. As for the game world, it looks almost like real life. Journeying through the streets and sewers of Raccoon City, and the underground Umbrella labs, looked sleek and realistic. The sound design is spot on, with every sound that both the player and the npc’s make. While the music may be minimal, it conveys the feeling of dread whenever something goes wrong. That matches the emotional tone of any situation.

Final Verdict.

A fantastic way to kick off 2019 is with playing this game. If you’re a guy who’s looking for a good scare, then try surviving against some blind zombies or a trench coat wearing hulk. While the game lacks in more open environments with several sections coming out as just hallways, it still nails it with its bleak tone, fantastic enemies, and groundbreaking characters. In short, Resident Evil 2 is a “must have” for any survival horror fan.

How well have you done so far, if you’ve picked the game up? What is your most memorable moment so far? Let us know in the comments below.

DVS Score: 9.7/10