Prior to this years E3 conference, there were rumors stating that one of the better, yet older Resident Evil games was to be remade.

This has happened before over the years. Beginning with the first Resident Evil, and then receiving follow up games to coincide with the Resident Evil franchise. Most of these titles are hit and miss. From the beginning, the games use to be renowned as Horror based gameplay. But, as they progressed, they found themselves needing to keep up with other growing franchises. They were remiss for mostly throwing away what built the series, and adopting an action, adventure vibe.


RESIDENT EVIL 2 REMAKE Gameplay Demo (E3 2018). All Rights Reserved.

Yet, during this years E3 conference, a confirmation and release date for Resident Evil 2 became known! Now, if you’ve never been a fan of the franchise, you may not know how amazing this game was, and how influential it was to the series. Then entire series focuses on a few survivors who the player leads through a zombie infested town. Resident Evil 2 introduces fans to one of the most cherished characters throughout its fandom, Leon S. Kennedy.

At the start of the original game, you meet Leon, a rookie cop with a tough break in life. The zombie apocalypse occurs on his first real day at the precinct. (And you think your job is tough! 🙂 ) Progressing through the storyline, you investigate little clues and try to escape the city before its nuked. And, you meet some interesting characters along the way. Some of these include Claire Redfield, sister of famed brother Chris Redfield.

My Reaction

Photo from Resident Evil: The Dark Side Chronicles.

After watching gameplay footage of the revamping ,not only are the graphic intense, but the storyline is the same, with some added features. Locations and the horror factor seems to have grown exponentially since it first release, The puzzles I remember solving are also no longer the same, and the dialogue seems more fluid. The whole control system seems a lot less clunky. They’ve seemingly incorporated the whole walking and shooting gimmick to increase player fluidity.

Being a fan of this franchise and getting to see this come to fruition is more than a dream come true. Even though its release date is next year, anticipation is at an all time high. What do you think about the E3 release of Resident Evil 2 information? Are you excited to slay some zombies?! Let us know in the comments!