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PUBG Corp have finally announced the official Xbox One release date of their Battle Royale shooter ‘PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’.

Unless you live under a rock, everyone and anyone has been playing PUBG. PUBG Corp’s hit has had staggering success. Currently in the Xbox One Game Preview programme, PUBG is finally getting an ‘Official Release’. Version 1.0 drops September 4th.

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PUBG is developed by PUBG Corp. 100 Players are airdropped into a huge open-world map, kill or be killed.

Combatants start with no weapons and must loot nearby locations for equipment and vehicles. Attention must be paid to nearby enemies and the Circle, a shield of death that closes around the final point of combat. You can find out more about PUBG here.

PUBG 1.0 will include a number of new features. War Mode is a team death-match style game-mode, teams fight to reach a score goal. Re-spawns and Revives included, making for a refreshing change of pace.

Sanhok PUBG map image
New map Sanhok coming in 1.0 – image taken from

Sanhok the latest map released on the PC version will also be included with update. Players will fight it out on a smaller map measuring 4 KM X 4 KM. This makes games faster and ensure engagements are always on the forefront of the players mind. New weapons and Vehicles are also available.

Additionally, a new in-game currency system is being implemented in the update, enabling players to purchase cosmetic items and event passes. Achievements are also synced between 1.0 and Game Preview version, ensuring no progress is lost.

Coinciding with the release a Limited Edition Xbox One Controller has been announced. Pre-orders are available now. The controller is Black with a digital camouflage design, it will cost $70.

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