Red Dead Online Bows

Red Dead Online‘s Battle Royale is Bows and Knives Only

The Red Dead Online beta started yesterday. More players will have access in the coming days, but for now, we are getting our first look at the online play. The map has been turned into a playground. Gang wars, heists, and plain ole’ killing are soon to be the law of the land.

Battle Royale

RD Online has its own version of battle royale with ‘Make it Count.’ Players are pitted against one another in a shrinking area until one of them is the last player alive. Familiar, no? However, the similarities with conventional battle royale games end there. In Red Dead, players are restricted to knives and bows. Your weapon depends on the location. At Saint-Denis Plantation and Tall trees, bows are available. In Stillwater Creek and Strawberry, you have only throwing knives.

Without any guns, the new battle royale mode will feature an emphasis on stealth. The game will feel far more threatening when you have to be wary of every bush, corner, and tree. The leaves rustling may be the last thing you ever hear.

Other Activities in Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online also has a few bounty jobs for players. They involve a character named Horley, who assigns players to various tasks. In one, players hunt down a conman and outlaw on behalf of a police chief. In another, players avenge the untimely death of a woman’s husband. Horley is your connection to many other trades as well. He will also indirectly introduce you to the horse-rustling trade.

Of course, if you are looking for a good, free-for-all shoutout, you will have to look no farther. There are shootouts and team battles over territory throughout the map. Unlike the battle royale mode, guns are allowed for these.