Players Must Reach Exalted with the 7th Legion and Finish the War Campaign.

[spoilers below] For an overview of the Mag’har recruitment questline, click here.

Blackrock Depths

Anduin asks the Dark Irons to research Azerite. Sometime after, Moira asks the player to visit her in Blackrock Depths. Her people have made a breakthrough, but it requires the Black Anvil.

shadowforge city

Upon arriving, the player witnesses the process of crafting Azerite, which produces oozes and other elementals. The smithing gets interrupted further by a guard. He runs up to Moira, and in a clear nod to Harry potter, yells:

“Goblins in the Tunnels!”

“Thought ye oughta know.”

The messenger faints. Moira believes they may be trying to raid the Black Vault. You kill the supposed leader of the intrusion and report back to the anvil. Ironfoe has been stolen, and the Black Anvil was destroyed.

Mogul Razdunk

Moira sends you to hunt after the goblins that stole Ironfoe. Now in Kezan, Razdunk is confronted upon his mount. It is a reiteration of Mimiron’s head from Ulduar. With the weapon secured, we leave the goblin slums and head back to the Stormwind Embassy. All is not yet w

ell. We must go into Molten Core and retrieve a core fragment to repair the anvil.

Molten Core

Before heading off, Moira mentions the near-infinite stores of dark iron in their vaults. She assures you ore will be no issue in the repair. We accompany Thaelin Darkanvil in his tank as we infiltrate the Firelord’s old lair. His minions still roam.

Thaelin’s tank is far superior than the tanks we were used to in vanilla. By simply freezing the mobs, the trash pulls become quite easy. Who’da thunk?

We encounter Gezzrok the Keeper, standing before Ragnaros’ old lair. He agrees to give us a piece of the Molten Core, but only on the condition we best him in a fight.


Before any repair can start, however, we must wash the Core in Ragnaros’ pool. To do this, we travel to the elemental plane of fire.

The bridge to his lair proves to be closed, and a Dark Iron comes to greet us. His sweat evaporates from his brow as he panics. He shouts and babbles, but that is enough. The group of cultists have been alerted.

When we reach the lair of Ragnaros, High Justice Grimstone is waiting.

“Ye know as well as I that the Queen-Regent is soft. Weak.”

Apparently, Grimstone’s vision for his cavernous home is equally as bleak as his name. He plans to summon the Firelord, and the Dark Iron must serve him as slaves. We defeat the traitor, but he escapes to be a problem for another, darkened day.

We charge the Molten Core and return to Moira. Thereafter, we repair the Black Anvil. The debacle has subsided and we finally go to the Stormwind Embassy. Anduin formally presents Moira with an invitation to join the Alliance. She accepts.